Book Review: The Surgeon

Book: The Surgeon

Author: Tess Gerritsen

Plot: A killer who targets lone women, who breaks into their apartments and performs terrifying ritualistic acts of torture on them before finishing them off. His surgical skills lead police to suspect he is a physician – a physician who, instead of saving lives, takes them.But as homicide detective Thomas Moore and his partner Jane Rizzoli begin their investigation, they make a startling discovery. Closely linked to these killings is Catherine Cordell, a beautiful doctor with a mysterious past. Two years ago she was subjected to a horrifying rape and shot her attacker dead.Now the man she believes she killed seems to be stalking her once again, and this time he knows exactly where to find her…

Rating: 5 /5 stars


The book that started it all

So this is what started it all !! Now i can see why the series has gone on to become so popular. i have been a fan of the series and was so thrilled to watch how it all started by reading the first of the series. The book though does have a different rizzoli from the series but then this is just the first book and oh yes there is no isis in here.

The book is a fantastic thriller but would take a lengthy journey to deal with everything in the book which means when you start with the book, you will be in there for quite a long time as the book takes you gradually and pretty intriguingly through each characters, the plots and the setting.

Yes the book is lengthy has a lot of characters to keep track of but there would be never a point where you feel exhausted having to go through such voluminous infos and that is where the magic of the book lies. even though the author likes to arm her readers with every details, it in never too much to handle.

The book when dealing with medical treatments and tracks do tend to get a bit technical which probably is because of the author’s personal experience shadowing in her fictional narration but at the same time it can also be quite informative.

Through and through it is a very engaging read and no wonder it went on to become such a vibrant and popular series. Do not pick up the book expecting to see the Rizzoli and Isis that you see in the series because this is just the first book and our character is only getting introduced. Treat it as a thriller and you would throughly enjoy the book.