Book Review: Dawn of the New Breed


Book:Dawn of the New Breed

Author: John Hennessy

Plot: England, 1472. A teenage Mariana Claremont is having a secret liaison with England’s premier soldier and commander of the King’s army.Unhappy with their union, separatists amongst the Kingdom set in motion a plan that will change England and Scotland forever. Several centuries later, three vulnerable children catch the eye of a bloodthirsty yet lonely vampire. Will they escape the clutches of the vampire, or usher in a new dawn of the undead?

Rating: 5 of 5 stars


A completely new face

First of all a huge thanks to John for being such an amazing writer and creating such a fabulous series

Dawn of the New Breed was such a surprise and a complete rediscovery of the series in itself. The book in a way stands apart from the whole series for partly its theme and partly for its treatment. there is definitely something different about the book.

Unlike another books of the series, the book is not that dark but packed with an amazingly powerful story. In fact i would say that the book is nothing less of a game changer as the story that John has brought this time changes the whole equation of the series.

For the readers of the series, this would be true eye opener and brings in a new perspective as Marianna merges as a completely different person from what we have seen of her till date and its simply revolutionary

Loved the book for being such a fabulous surprise and bringing in so much to the series. The fans of the series are in for a true surprise and the way the book ends with where the first book in the series picks up was really a good touch

In short the series is like an old bottle of wine getting better and better with time.