Book Review: The Halloweeners by John Hennessy

Book: The Halloweeners

Author: John Hennessy

Plot: Four children are all dressed up and ready for Halloween. There’s Kirsty, the witch. Craig the vampire. Then there’s Nula, the ghost, and Toby, who’s co-ordinating things whilst dressed as a zombie. They couldn’t just be a ragtag bunch of stereotypes though, so Toby christened them the Halloweeners.Craig was new to it, though the others had celebrated Halloween before, many times before. Most of the people in the street knew the children and were happy to take their part in trick or treating. One particular house owner isn’t so friendly, though it’s fair to say the occupant has been expecting them, and intends to offer the group a special kind of welcome. He’s been expecting them to knock on the door. He’s been planning their visit for a while. In fact, he’s been waiting for this all year…. 

Rating: 5/5

Relieve the days of Trick or Treat

A huge thanks to John for yet again creating magic with his words and providing me with such an amazing read and being such an awesome writer and friend.

From the very first book, John has never ceased to amaze me. Each book has been like a perpetually growing graph line showing the evolution of John as a writer and that is what makes me such an ardent fan of his works. His books always has something different to offer, be it the basic story or the characters it has or the general narration technique, John always manages to surprise his readers ..more like scare his readers with his spooky thrillers

What you would find with John’s book is that it usually runs in layers and as much as you would love discovering these layers, you would also have to have full concentration to read his works. you cannot expect a quick read out of John’s books because either it will hold you glued to your seats till the end or just make you want to unravel and discover more about the plot. So when i had received the book, I had planned to read over the weekend when i would be able to relax and read the book while taking shelter under my bed (oh trust me !! you would also seek cover under the bed if you start reading John’s books because john can scare the good life out of you with his stories). But i was so surprised that i had finished the book in an hour’s time and in that duration i had felt the experience of having gone through a full fledged voluminous novel.

Perhaps this is the only John Hennessy book that can be truly called a quick read because as he explains in his opening lines that the book is meant for much younger audience as well so that is the reason why along with being simply and innocently narrated, the book is way far from any serious gory details and in fact it can be described as cute, funny and a quick read well worth every second you dedicate to it.

I am so impressed as to how while maintaining it for much younger audience, John has maintained it so perfectly synchronised and intact for a mature audience as well. Now if that doesn’t paint a picture of the author’s caliber then i don’t know what else can.

The book comes out at such a perfect time and especially coming from the best horror fiction writer i have ever known, the book can’t be a better gift for halloween So i am probably going to pitch a good sales line here for my all time favourite author and say.

GRAB IT RIGHT NOW !! seriously !! its a short and quick read and very innocently explores halloween through the eyes of kids. if for nothing the book is a perfect way to relieve the days when as kids we had less serious issues to worry about. Relieve the days of Trick or Treat