Book Review: Z-Minus I

Book: Z-Minus I

Author: Perrin Briar

Plot: For Chris Smith, that decision has been made for him. He’s infected, and returns home to find the rest of his family undead or missing, save his youngest daughter Maisie. He’s never been much of a father, but can he make up for it now in the final few hours of his life and find somewhere safe for her to survive?

Rating: 4/5 stars

First of all a huge thanks to the author and his team for contacting me about the book and giving me a chance to get acquainted with the author’s work

Well I must say that the book opened in a grand way as the author had started the series with a lot of data and information on current scenario of our world and how an epidemic is just doorstep away. I loved how the author opens up with facts and figures to prepare yourself to believe that a zombie apocalypse is a possibility not far

The book is fast paced and I think that is one of the best part of the book. It sails smoothly and keep you engaged. The book deals with characters directly and not their background information which the author has managed to delve into after the story sets in and fortunately it has worked in favour of the book. The characters presents itself with relevant background details as the situation asks for it.

I personally had trouble imagining the characters because of the extremity with which they are portrayed in the story. A father brutally inconsiderate and selfish and an 8 year old that talks and behaves like a college professor which to me was kind of clashing at every turn but fortunately more than the character traits the book has lot of action to enjoy which helps a lot to be thoroughly hooked to the book.

Also I think this would be perhaps the only zombie book which does not even delve into zombie. In fact they are not even given enough screen space which is sad. Perhaps the author felt that the zombies wouldn’t notice it because…you know…they don’t have ..brains 😛