Book Review: Yama’s Lieutenant


Book: Yama’s Lieutenant

Author: Anuja Chandramouli

Plot: The inhabitants of the thousand hells of Yama have broken free from their prison and vowed to wreak havoc on the heavens, the earth and hell. With the fiendish Hatakas and Narakamayas teamed up with Naganara, a terrifying necromancer hungry for power, the universe is headed for war and destruction unless one human has something to do with it.
Agni Prakash, a debonair young man whose world has been turned upside down by the death of his twin sister, Varu, has been enlisted to stop these forces and be Yama s very own lieutenant. As the mythical world clashes with his own, Agni discovers a manuscript left behind by his sister. Hauntingly, it draws parallels to the treacherous path upon which he has been thrust. Equipped with an acerbic wit and winning charm, Agni undertakes a battle, where the odds seem tipped wildly against him, and finds unlikely companions along the way. Will he be able to uncover the secret behind his sister’s writings? And more importantly, will he be able to avert the destruction that seems imminent?

Rating: 4/5 stars

First of all a huge thanks to the author for sharing me the book

Yama’s Lieutenant for me personally is a good read because of its unique story treatment. I loved the whole concept of altering path of death and the workings of a soldier of death. For me personally who had a week full of reading indian fiction that was solely based on mythologies, this was a breath of fresh air for being a fast paced thriller

The narration is good but yes it has a bit of trouble because the scenes fluctuates without warning and you need to be a little vigilant to these scene changes. I think that was the only thing that probably troubled with the book that the scene changes a little too unexpectedly and even when it goes to past, it does that almost in the middle without an indication. Fortunately at the crux of the story, it maintains a good hold on the scene so you wont fumble with understanding the setting of the scene.

The language is serving its purpose but must admit that at certain places the author does collaborate a whole lot of events and background details into a single line and when that happens, the readers do feel the need to stop and re read it so they can pick all that has been said in the book

The book is pretty unique in its basic story and with its fast paced keeps it exciting and the thriller elements are spot on and works like a charm but yes only you have to be a bit patient with sudden scene changes but otherwise it’s a very interesting thriller read.