Book Review: Quest for Kriya by Rahul Deokar


Book: Quest for Kriya

Author: Rahul Deokar

Plot: Haunted by tragic loss in the 1993 India earthquake, a broken Shakti with a tenuous hold on life is sheltered by her soul-sister Kriya. But when Kriya vanishes without a trace, Shakti is unwittingly swept into a cataclysmic vortex of greed, lust and betrayal. Shakti meets Shiva, a struggling Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and discovers that love is an enigmatic cosmic force. Shakti and Shiva are thrust on a frantic race against time through the dark Mumbai underbelly, forbidden Thailand islands, and treacherous cliffs in the Andaman Sea, where danger lurks in every shadow. As they get closer to the truth, they realize that millions of innocent lives are at stake. Quest for Kriya is an epic saga of love, friendship and sacrifice. The journey is incredible. The emotions are real. The transformation is eternal.

Rating: 4 / 5 stars


First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book and giving me an opportunity to get acquainted with his work

Quest for kriya is a thriller ride at the core of it but to be honest it takes a lot of build-up time to reach that point where you are right in the middle of the action and you know exactly what is happening. The basic tone of the book is a bit monochromatic which means the pace follows one path. You won’t find sudden turbulence or track change. Yet with the way things unfold makes it smooth sail and delightful read

Two things that I noticed in the book are, the book consumes a lot of space to give background details. It flutters to flashbacks and in flashbacks, there are kind of too many background information to grasp on. So I would advise to not skim through the book as you might miss out on a lot of background details that could give you more clues towards the book and it’s characters

Secondly I noticed the language which can be a bit on the adorned side. The author has used his creative aesthetics with his language and in my review language I call it a bit elaborate. Those who love their language will be able to enjoy it while those of who (like me) who enjoy simpler language will take a while to get into the flow of narration but in either case it is a great support factor to the book.

In whole I loved the book because yes after the initial build-ups and gradual preparations towards the main events the book does catch up brilliantly and makes for a fantastic read.