Book Review: Reunion of the Blood


Book: Reunion of the Blood

Author: John Hennessy

Plot: Bound by the vampire’s blood, two men embark on a mission that may result in their deaths.They plan to do, what no human has yet achieved; and put an end to the line of vampires that has given their lives purpose, but has also blighted their entire existence. Also bound by her blood, a vengeful vampire is of the same mind. She vows to kill the Dreymuirs for taking her human life when she was just a young woman, fulfilling a promise to her husband, who was savaged to death in front of her.Left alone in the Castle to fend for herself, a young vampire’s brutal existence may finally be at end.As she faces her demise in the presence of those she has loved by blood, and those she has made in blood, will she welcome her death, or slaughter all in front of her? In a race to the death, who will survive the bloodiest of reunions?

Rating: 5/5 stars


First of all a huge thanks to the author for creating such an amazing series and being the awesome person that he is. Oh and thank you for the book too 😛

Reunion of the blood is the fifth book in the Vampire tales series and if you haven’t read it till now, then you are missing a really good vampire thriller. Also if you haven’t read the series then what are you doing reading the review of the fifth book? (weird…much ;))

For those of us who have been hooked to the series are in for a treat because the book comes back in grand style. The star cast is huge.Even more huge and exciting than the expendables movie star cast. Almost every character that have ever appeared in the series at some point makes a comeback in this book and all of them brings along more surprises and twists.

John knows how to scare the life out of you and that he has proved to me over and over again through his books. Its not the spookiness that scares me as much as the twisted and highly volatile characters of his stories does. Each characters of the book is like a personified roller coaster because they spin and shakes you pretty bad by the kind of traits they display. What john does with his characters are to make them mystique enough to never properly judge them. Just when you feel you can write an essay on a character because that’s how well you know the characters, they does something that makes you want to go to the beginning to see what exactly you missed. This is what only John can achieve with his character narrations.

As I told before, the book comes back with the whole crew and in fact within the short duration of the story, all these characters would blow you mind. The language and the smooth narration eases the reading and the best part is the twists and turns that waits for you, making your goosebumps rise up and salute the author.

All I can say is that prepare to dedicate a good amount of time to the book because you might be in there for a bit because that’s how engaging it is.