Book Review: The Curse of Damini by Debajani Mohanty

The curse of Damini
Book: The Curse of Damini

Author: Debajani Mohanty

Plot: The world seemed not enough for free spirited Renuka, when she married the highly educated Shashank hailing from the mightiest Zamindars of Bengal. However, soon her life turned upside down when a neighbor revealed her of their sinister past.It’s a mysterious supernatural curse cast on their family almost a century back. Generation by generation, Damini’s enraged curse had passed on, declining their family clan from hundreds to a handful few. Who would be Damini’s next victim? And why innocent lives are at a stake for a crime committed by an ancestor a hundred years back? Renuka would not settle until she finds an answer and in her quest she struggles to eradicate all the evils that come in her way. Would she ever win a battle against an unseen enemy? Would the wrong done to Damini be ever avenged?

 Rating: 5/5 stars


Its refreshing and thought provoking

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book and being so kind and patient towards the time I had taken in drafting a review of the book.

I loved it. I loved the book for being so simple yet profound. I loved the book for focusing on a proper story rather than preaching and screaming for attention towards a particular school of thought. I loved it for being a simple and entertaining read and not making me work for it.

To be honest when I picked up the book and judging from the cover, I had envisioned reading a spooky novel but apparently its not. The book is a lot more than that and there was a point when through the first half I felt that the author was trying to achieve an indian Jane Eyre out of her book with the kind of flow it had but eventually the book surprises you with so many domain it touches upon.

I will admit that through the practice of reviewing so many books, I have developed this habit of picking up faults in every book and so please forgive me for doing the same with this book. It is just a bad habit that I have recently developed. Well there are two things that I wanted to crib about. Its not major but yet is strikingly present. The book sort of travels through a lot of domain, like it starts of as a reflection of India during independence struggles and especially for women of that period, to showing the taboos prevalent then moving on to romance to a mystery to spooky to drama.. I mean it touches a lot of things but I love the author for not getting caught up in it so bad that the book dwindles. Yes at times you feel the book taking a sidetrack but still manage to come back to the main point. Now the second is the language. There are few times when almost immediately the book takes a Victorian tone and then goes back to normal mode. Now that I have quenched the thirst for nagging lets get back to the book

The curse of Damini is good for anybody who wants to read a book with a strong female character. In fact I think the work towards upholding this central character to be so true, tangible and simply radiant throughout the book inspite of surrounded by so many secondary characters is commendable. All you would think after reading this book is about the strong central female character and that says a lot.

As a person who has read this book, I would advise everybody to pick this expecting to read a powerful narrative journey of a woman that took control of her life against all odds and then you would find it apt. Don’t be like me and judge the book by its cover assuming it to be a ghost story. Don’t get brainwashed by synopsis enough to believe that this is some preaching on women empowerment. It is more than that. It has a lot to it than what meets the eye. For me the book had a good story that kept me hooked to it and that’s all I ask from my books.