Book Review: Shaman Stone Soup: True-Life Stories That Show Miracles Can Happen to Anyone! By Shaman Elizabeth Herrera

Shaman Stone Soup Cover-lg-front-2016.png

Book: Shaman Stone Soup: True-Life Stories That Show Miracles Can Happen to Anyone!

Author: Shaman Elizabeth Herrera

Plot:Inspirational true-life stories — “Shaman Stone Soup” brings miracles to life through true-life stories of Shaman Elizabeth Herrera’s personal experiences as a spiritual healer for friends, family and clients. You can read about the ghost who overstayed her welcome, the spirits of ancient wise men who offered advice and a miraculous cure from cancer for a friend, a conversation with a hurricane and its unintended impact, the man who got out of his wheelchair to go hunting and fishing, a vivid dream and later chance meeting of a pastor who needed guidance, the transformation of a schizophrenic, the loving afterlife contact from Elizabeth’s mother who died unexpectedly, and many other stories.

Rating: 5/ 5 stars

Very captive and tangible stories

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book and secondly a huge hug for being so kind and patient when I have taken so long to leave my review of the book

For me the introduction itself set the tone for the book. In the beginning of the book, there is a very powerful and beautiful story about Shaman Stone Soup and that story simply blew my mind and thereby preparing me for the experience of the book

The book itself introduces you to the author and her background and I think that was beautiful and a very relevant addition because it helps the readers understand the stories told in the book and the purpose behind them more elaborately. As I said in the review of Author’s other book, Dreams of Dying, You need to have an open mind and the willingness to embrace the views and beliefs of the author to be able to imbibe the message and purpose of each stories shared by the author. There is a reason why I say that the stories are “shared” by the author and are tangible because the book is a collection of short stories and each of these stories are real life experiences from the author’s life so it makes them more interesting

The author is a shaman and let me be honest in saying that I am completely new and have almost to nil knowledge and experience about this world but in spite of that I had a wonderful time reading the book which shows that the author doesn’t preach or tries to force her belief on you and that is really admirable. She has used the book to share her views and experience through her own personal experiences and quick and captive stories

The author can write. That is what I have to say about the book because this is the third book that I am reading from the author and each of them has a simplicity and elegance that makes reading the book so delightful. I had a huge gap while reading the book and in spite of that I never had trouble immersing myself back into the book and I guess that shows the ability of the narration to lure in the readers

The book comprises of short stories illustrating the beauty and workings of Shaman rituals and its powerful world yet none of the stories are aimed at forcing its belief on you but eventually it does piques one’s interest enough to research more on it and that is where you feel the power of the author’s writing

The book is a beauty with short and enthralling stories and a good spiritual journey and insight into the world of Shamans and life in general