Book Review: Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy

Book: Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy

Author: Pawan Mishra

Plot: A clerk called Coinman can’t stop jingling the coins in his pocket. It’s a simple addiction, but it’s one that comes to rule his life. His wife, Imli, an actress who’s so obsessed with her craft that she becomes her characters at home, bans coins from the house. It goes horribly wrong when his co-workers conspire in their own way, sending a number of them on previously unknown paths.

My rating: 3 / 5 stars


its massively twisted and coiled

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book to read and Kavita Ramesh for recommending me to the author though i am sure after reading this he wouldn’t be too happy about it 😦 and you probably would want to hide to save yourself from the wrath of the author and let me know where you plan to hide so that i can join you as well. 😛

I admit that the book is a lot different and definitely stands unique from its contemporaries but perhaps I am not the right audience that this book was targeted to either that or the concerns I had with the book was indeed true.

The language of the book is so twisted that I felt that if I pick a sentence of the book, it could easily be broken and dissected to form an entire paragraph because each sentence had things worth an entire paragraph rolled into one.

What happens with such kind of narration is that by the time one finishes a sentence you feel you have read almost an entire chapter yet nothing has registered in your mind because you were trying to find out meaning of each word that you lost the bigger picture

The author sadly gets caught up in bringing out events after events that the actual track sort of derails. The author unfortunately also gets lured in background details a little too much. Ironically there is a sequence in the book where couple of characters gather around to hear latest gossip from their local gossip supplier and the guy is so distracted and busy narrating the background details that the other characters starts getting angry at him for not coming straight to the point and wasting time and trying on their patience . Funny enough that I thought this was exactly what was happening to the actual book

I also suspect that the book got run over by a thesaurus truck because at same places things don’t even make sense because of the Wrong synonyms taking place and changing the full meaning of the sentence.

Now that I have been saying bad things let me come to good points. I noticed that the author had used very unique and different similes and phrases … Quite unusual and unheard ones and that definitely was pretty interesting and charming. There are portions where individually each line is amazing but when put together with the rest, it sort of fails to sit well with the context but still there are some really poetic and erudite lines in the book

I guess I was the wrong audience for the book because for me personally the language was a tough one to crack for being really twisty and running long and most importantly the book got drowned in background details too much that it turned out difficult for me to pick out the main plot in the book but when I eventually did, I was actually impressed with how one little personality trait was used by the author to weave a complete story. Wish the author had simplified the treatment of the plot a bit more for the ease of a wider audience