Book Review: Point Ten Zeros Six Nine

Point Ten Zeros Six Nine

Book: Point Ten Zeros Six Nine

Author: Dhiraj Singh

Plot: Jeetu and Aashu are hopelessly in love with each other. And they profess to be each other’s soulmates in the next life too. As they embark on a journey of love and life together, they encounter several trying circumstances, which threaten to shake their faith in humanity. Can the power of karma and the strength of their love protect them and help them tide over their troubles? What happens to the people who betray their trust? Will karma catch up with them too? In God’s larger scheme of things, someone unfortunately must pay the price.

Rating: 3/5 stars


The Attack of the Engineering Romance

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book to read. Secondly, i am packing my bags as we speak because there is a possibility that the author would be out for my blood after reading this review

In a way I am really glad that I chose the author’s second book to read first because if I had picked up this book first, It would have painted a non impressive picture of the author’s writing for me. It’s because I have seen what the author can offer that I am sort of looking at this book as a work that had to undergo a lot many changes and would eventually lead to the caliber that the author possess now

Before proceeding to the review of the book, let me introduce you to a syndrome that is usually found in the selected few of the Indian Population. The species that is affected by this syndrome goes by the name of “Desperate Indian engineers” and is a unique species that is found in the Indian subcontinent and are nurtured and developed around various IITs and other technical institutes that are spread around the continent. Interestingly, the species that comes out of these places with the name Engineer branded on them are everything except Engineers.One of the common symptoms of these species is Engineer Romance novel writism which can be defined as the itch of an engineering student to right a novel that are reflection of their student life and a desperate means to relive those days .

This book is a product of the same syndrome … ok… I think I should stop with burning the book upon the pyre but seriously, the plot is very commonly used one where under the garb of the central character the author is indirectly narrating his own growing up years and when it comes to Indian men its either an engineering or management college that turns out to be the eventful phase and hence the overload of book on college/engineering romance. Something that I absolutely love to hate.

It may be very offensive to the author but the book was really another classic engineer romance and this by my book is not a good thing as for me an engineering romance stands for majorly three things: impassioned, rude and uncared treatment of plot. Hastiness in finishing the plot . Lack of care for developing events and scenes in a gradual and effective manner.

The book to a vast extent is robotic and technical and tends to be a mere jotting down of events in a sequential manner. The conversational dialogues used in the book are very colloquial and rough at edges. It painfully succumbs to the fate of a diary entry and in the race to place everything sequentially the emotions and the pace for the readers to absorb everything goes missing.

In the very very very late phase there is a visible twist to the plot but unfortunately amidst the already dragging narration it sort of pops in quick and fades away too soon and what irate me is that the author missed on such a good plot in hand that could have completely revolutionized the book. What could have been a potential core plot was picked up towards last and wrapped up quickly. Had that been laid as the base instead of the character’s growing up years and other non essential parts, this whole review would have been something else and showering praises of the author.

With this being almost like the 100th engineering romance I am reading, I suddenly feel the need to check the engineering curriculum to make sure that they do not have an entire semester for engineering students teaching them to write a novel on romance… (shuddering on the mere thought of it happening)

In the end .. I am really happy that I know the author is fabulous with his skills but lets just say that this is not a good example of his true potential. I know so because of his second work

(Oh Lord …I am so going to be on the hitlist of the author and Engineer Writers Association…if there is one out there)