AS A DEBUT AUTHOR HIS BOOK “PROMISE ME A MILLION TIMES” is already attracting a wider audience and a top contender for romance novels in spite of being surrounded by established and well known authors to fight the battle of sales. Within hours of appearing on the amazon market the book was amongst “TOP 15 Romance Reads”

With barely days to go when the book would be up for sales, the pre orders are raining in for the book. Overwhelmed by all these positive response and appreciation for his first book, Keshav Aneel shares

The Journey Behind Promise me a million Times


K I was feeling very fortunate that day. In fact, the luckiest in the world. My Masters Degree had come to an end with the last exam of Export Marketing. I was going to walk out of my institution with some wonderful memories and no regret of not having tried things that my heart ever craved for. My pals and family  were supremely excited to see me embark on a very new and important journey of my life, working for a multinational organization that was a dream destination for millions of us marketing professionals.

I was happy too. I was finally going to earn my bread and butter. I need not ask for pocket money anymore rather I was going to be able to gift my mom-dad anything that they dreamed of, no matter what its cost be. But in between all this sense of achievement, there was a voice that kept nagging me and which I wasn’t able to ignore. The voice constantly screamed at me  that  ‘Writing is your real passion, Keshav !! Don’t limit yourself by the lure of what money can offer you. It will fade with time, and you will want to run away so bad, but demand of the hour won’t let you. So stop now and turn.’

I ignored it, stepping into my job but as the days went by , the voice only kept getting louder and louder and I wondered as to what was wrong with me? Why am I judging myself too harshly?. I thought maybe it was the sudden change in lifestyle and struggle of professional life and that it would probably settle down after a while and everything will be fine. But it never happened. I failed to move on. For all my life I had this eternal connection with literature, writing poems, stories, elocution contests, debates etc.Suddenly this connection seemed to be fading to  a state where i couldn’t see it happening ever and this frustrated me all of a sudden

May be my destiny was pushing me towards something  that it wanted me to do and  I was trying to resist it for the fear of outcome that if I failed at literature I was going to end up in a bad shape. People were going to laugh at me, my friends would make fun of my choice, and that would leave me into a life of despair.

Moving with time, another fear subconsciously started to grip me. What if the stories I wanted to narrate to the world, never happens? What if I couldn’t be the hero of my own dreams? And what if all that I thought and all that I ever said, only remained words and never got put into action?

My life reached a point where I wasn’t able to focus on my work nor family or friends. I was disappointed, caught in the web of choosing a way out to follow my heart but doing so was going to be a huge risk with almost everything going against me

However, the fog of confusion cleared its way soon. How?

One fine day, my senior with his team was called by his reporting authority, and was bashed brutally to the horror of the entire office. This person had spent almost seven years in that company and whenever I saw him or talked to him he was always up with storming ideas for the “growth of the organization.”I failed to understand why a person who had such strong visions and passion towards his work was made a scapegoat for other’s incompetence and that was when I realized that no matter how big a position you earn for yourself, your seniors would choose to pull you down and use the harshest words to bash you with. That’s the law of working for someone. It was as simple as that.

I couldn’t take it. I mean, isn’t failing and being happy a much better option than being successful and being unhappy? Right away I knew what I had to do, and as soon as I returned to my workstation, I put in my resignation. For a moment, the entire staff was baffled by my decision but my heart almost came out of my chest, hugging me for choosing a life which was actually calling me than being stomped in some rat race.

All of friends, family and colleagues were sad with my decision, giving me example of how a stalwart like Chetan Bhagat made his career in this field of literature. I had only one thing to say to them “Maybe I am not as wise as him to plan my life accordingly. I am stupid and being childish. But I see no reason wasting my time in something I don’t want to be in for long. And that struggling in the field I belong is far better for me to succeed at what didn’t matter to me.”

I was extremely happy in the days that followed. It was as if I was reborn. Not even for a moment it made me sad to see all my friends earning while i sat at home penning down something which at the end of the day might help me achieve my dreams or would simply find itself in a publishing house’s trash bin. I was happy beyond measure and had this satisfaction in my heart, which I could not find in anyone around me. I had made the best decision of my life, and no matter what the result be, I will never regret things that i will probably miss out on. I have chosen to live my way and I love it and proud of it.


PMAMT-Cover Release

Believing life always gives us all a second chance is too bookish.Because sometimes, when we finally know our faults, the times acutely change from what they once used to be.

Like a couple of migratory birds, both Charlie and Edwin leave everything back in their village and settle for a new life in a big city. For Edwin, it was where he was going to chase his dreams, but for Charlie, it was just another place to be with his only friend. However, when he meets Aster, who was silently walking through instabilities of her own destiny, he was in for an
absolute unthoughtful phase of profoundness that was going to last forever……




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