Book Review: Get One Bye Two by Dhiraj Singh

Get one by two
Book: Get One Bye Two

Author: Dhiraj Singh

Plot: Three strangers on board an ill-fated aircraft miraculously survive a violent crash. The dynamics of God’s physics will catch up with them in a year, warns a sage in the forest.
A year later, fate strikes them once again. But can the three men defy death yet again? Are the universal laws of nature inescapable? What happens to the known and unknown people linked to their destiny? Can goodwill and powerful chemistry between people defeat God’s big scheme? Only time will tell…
Get ready for a spine-chilling ride as you follow the uncanny lives of the three men in the passage of one year. It is bound to set both your heart and mind racing!

Rating: 4.5 /5 stars


A unique storyline that forces you to be wide awake

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book to read

one of the things that impresses you about the book is definitely the language because in my personal experience it is very rare that Indian authors use simpler language to narrate their stories as It is usually seen in Indian fiction that the language used is highly complex making reading more like an academic project rather than a pleasurable reading experience. In this regard the language of the book is simple and lures you to the book and keeps you hooked to it. The simplicity of language helps you to keep track of the story because the book travels into a whole lot of alleys creating a bit of confusion if not followed diligently.

At times I have noticed how author spaces out from an ongoing event with his extended descriptions but luckily even though the author diverts himself from the point in his quest to describe something, he has always managed to bounce back without making it too weird and odd

One of the things that irate me in this book too is the Use of hinglish. I strongly detest and hate this. Yes to be fair, it is used very rarely but still I couldn’t get over those Hindi dialogues whenever they appeared and then there is bit of rawness when it comes to dialogues that occur in between the story line but I think towards the second half the execution started getting caught in its own web because all the characters and sub tracks started running too fast towards the book’s end that it became a bit difficult to hold on to it with ease
The theme of the book reminded me a lot about one of my favourite movie series ” final destination ” and the theme of the book had that flavor and I absolutely loved it since it gave us something completely different to read. Also At various junctures you do get to see the author trying to impart his personal beliefs under the garb of the story and I thought it was brilliant as to how he weaved that into the plot without glaringly standing out.

The book is like a chain reaction and you can’t miss on a single event or piece because loosing on even a single piece, kind of takes you out of the loop and you would end up trying to match the dots so its better to pay attention all the while and keeping track of things as the story flows.