Book Review: HIM: After the UFO Crash by Koos Verkaik

Book: HIM: After the UFO Crash

Author: Koos Verkaik

Plot: Arthur Croft, a great rocket engineer, will send a special capsule into space hoping that it will be intercepted by extraterrestrial creatures. Then he commits suicide! Croft and many others who deal with space travel strongly believe that UFO’s are a reality.
Jasper Froch, an American hippie, learns how to control the phenomenon of synchronicity and finds out that all kinds of coincidences lead him in a certain direction. A Swiss psychiatrist asks Jasper to make friends with a special patient: a rich American by the name of Francis Lockhart. Meanwhile, a UFO crashes in Sanguine, Florida. Sanguine changes: people act strange, and many of them turn out to be geniuses! There are also murderers who are so clever that they become a danger for the USA. The army is ready to destroy the town, but then Jasper finds out about the influence of the UFO, about Arthur Croft and his own role in a very dangerous game…

Rating: 4 / 5 stars


UFO and its magic

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of his book to read and review

To begin with, prepare yourself to commit to the book because it is not going to be easy and smooth as the book deals with UFO and the approach is highly scientific and not the comic book type. The author has dealt with the subject a little more complicatedly and hence you cannot expect to dive into the book with the ease of reading an archie comic or plain romance novels.

The book is very complex has various layers to it and that becomes the part of its charm. What I have observed in the author’s book is his ability to throw in small pieces of his story for its readers. While beginning each of these pieces seems unrelated and separate entities and its when you diligently proceed with the book that you notice how cunningly each of these pieces join together to give you an ending that in no way would have been in your thoughts and that is simply genius. The author completely plays with your head and serves you something that you would never have guessed

The book is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. It takes a certain kind of audience, psyche and love for sci-fi only then you would get an amazing and highly brain stormer plot from the book
I have always been amazed at the author’s ability to take you on a journey that at the beginning appears to be something else and doing a 360 on you at the very end which makes me so envious and enthralled at the author’s cunningness

The book does take a bit time to catch up on the pace and There is a certain point where the plot sort of gets stagnant and a bit of information overloads also makes the journey a bit exhaustive towards the middle but as soon as the pieces start joining the book just sprints fast and gets more and more exciting.

The book demands a specific set of audience and for them this would be an amazing experience.