Book Review: UnCommon Origins: A Collection of Gods, Monsters, Nature, and Science

uncommon origins
Book: UnCommon Origins: A Collection of Gods, Monsters, Nature, and Science

Author: Laxmi Hariharan and various others

Plot: UnCommon Origins presents 22 depictions of moments on the precipice, beginnings both beautiful and tragic. Fantastical stories of Creation, Feral Children, Gods and Goddesses (both holy and horrific), and possibilities you never dared imagine come to life. Including stories from some of the most talented Speculative Fiction and Magical Realism authors around, UnCommon Origins will revisit the oldest questions in the universe:
Where did we come from? and What comes next?

Rating: 4/5 stars

Truly uncommon collection

First of all a huge thank to the book r3views and the author Laxmi Hariharan for sharing me the copy of the book to read and review

The book was given to me so that I could read and review Laxmi Hariharan’s Short story, Exhale which forms one of the story of this anthology, Uncommon Origins. Coincidentally or ironically , hers was one of the very few stories that I actually loved as rest of the stories were outright creepy or failed to bring out its true color in the limited space it was given.

Stories like hanging garden’s , aplanetary, Fringling, Curl of Emma Jean , The Terrible Discovery of Professor Charles Cooper , The Tombstone Man, In the Periphery, Apple and Becoming Mage had a build up that was really good but the very ending seemed to be hasty and somewhat left a lot of things in air but at the same time also formed some of the good ones in the anthology

Stories like Glass Heart, , Exhale on the other hand was some of the truly gem stories in the anthologies as not only does they keep the story’s integrity tight but have managed to begin and end well with a proper story narration and not weirding it out like the rest.

Cultural Gleanings, Poseidon’s Tears , Beaver, The Least Child were light and cute ones that also forms the better part of the anthologies

Stories like The Price, Growing Simon, The Last Star, My Darlings, Interdimensional Investigations, consciousness, Her, left me confused with no idea as to what to take away from the story. Either that or it was just too deep and vast that I couldn’t comprehend the story well

The overall theme of the book is a bit unconventional and because of which it would be a little difficult to adhere to everybody’s liking but there are certain stories that makes this book worth picking up.