Review: Never Mind My Thigh Gap

Never mind my Thigh Gap
Book: Never Mind My Thigh Gap

Author: Sarah Newton

Plot: One ordinary girl, one extraordinary moment” There are three things everyone notices about Alice. 1. Her super-hot rugby boyfriend. 2. Her sophisticated, totally gorgeous best friend. 3. Her very noticeable 38-inch long legs.Alice is tall – just under six feet to be exact – but her self-esteem couldn’t be smaller. When her relationship starts wavering, Alice’s perfectly beautiful best friend somehow convinces her to join a modelling competition, “for a confidence boost.” But Alice is just a normal girl; she loves ice cream too much, has an unhealthy addiction to American TV and lusts after the elusive thigh gap. She can’t even walk in heels, let alone in a bikini, but she finds herself joining Runway Models anyway.The finale is only a few months away. Will Alice catwalk her way to self-confidence or fail, proving everyone right? People can surprise you.

Rating: 5/5 stars


A true Disney experience

First of all a huge thanks to Shannon A. Thompson and the author and her team for providing me with a copy of the book to read and review

As cute as its title, the book truly gives you a Disney movie effect. Everything goes happy at the end. You feel good and then a short message about family, friendship and lot of other stuffs are inculcated into you once you read the book. Hence a true Disney fashion book

Never mind my thigh gap is definitely headed in a good direction, towards pointing out the importance of standing up for oneself and self discovery and the way the book achieves is commendable . The book does not outright preach you about being confident or need to develop one but through its journey makes us learn this in a subtle form

The book is cute and there is no word in my opinion that could define it more aptly. It is light, sweet and cute. Kind of sugary but in a nicer way.

Anybody who is looking for a quick yet light and sweet read, this is the book for you. Completely entertaining and feel good type book. worth refreshing and lightening your mood.