Book Review: I Will Faithfully Execute: The Recruitment

I will faithfully execute-recruitment

Book: I Will Faithfully Execute: The Recruitment

Author: Kevin D’Onofrio

Plot: Following six years of being an Army officer and a decorated sniper, William H. Gunderson III has just received his honorable discharge. After ten years that saw him escape from his small Virginia mining town to go to West Point and the US Army, William’s dream is to go to law school and eventually enter public service. More than anything, William harbors an ambition to one day assume high office and wield the power he feels is abused in America of today. However, William harbors dark secrets and desires that have been fueled through his time in Iraq and they test his resolve. Immediately following his discharge he faces the first of several key decisions. Buoyed by his dreams, but still haunted by the darker impulses of his killer instincts, Gunderson must navigate through this minefield of decisions. The correct choices will help him on his ambitious path. The wrong choices could lead to his demise.

Rating: 5/ 5 stars


It’s a game

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book to read and review.

The best part of the book is that it is highly interactive and provides you an entertainment factor. The book is an experience that is much more than just reading. It is a game where you decide what the characters would do and how the story would move forward and this makes it an exciting game of reading and living the part.

The book astonishingly has an amazing integrity considering the fact that the book is a collaboration of more than one author. Interesting part is that the collaboration is so pristine and seamless that you can’t actually pinpoint which author wrote which part and that is a brilliant feat to achieve because it shows the flexibility and adaptability of each writer that was involved in the book.

I loved everything about the book. The narration, language and most importantly the flow, which is very crucial because even while you jump from one section to another, there is a synchrony and you can feel the smoothness of the plot irrespective of how or what path you choose for the book.
The only thing I hated about the book is the end because no matter which path you took, each ending for me was incomplete and sort of being cheated off because the buildup is so much that in comparison the endings are a huge disappointment. In fact one of the track was so enthralling and intriguing that almost at a major point the book decided to be a cliffhanger and I in desperation went ahead and brought the sequel only to be disappointed.

But Apart from the end, the book is amazing, the plot almost makes you remember Jack reacher in his earlier stage from Lee Child’s famous series

The book is a pure adrenaline rush and I would definitely recommend to try it for its unique interactive and game experience and for the reading experience as well.