Book Review: I Will Faithfully Execute: In The Scope

I will faithfully execute-scope

Book: I Will Faithfully Execute: In The Scope

Author: Kevin D’Onofrio

Plot: In the first expansion to the I Will Faithfully Execute universe, Neo Tomes Publishing explores the life of William H. Gunderson III as a newly commissioned second lieutenant.
Newly minted from West Point, Second Lieutenant Gunderson is a newly minted sniper. But he’s not in training any more, and Sadr City is far from the hallowed halls of the Army grounds. Threats await every decision, from insurgent suicide bombers to civilians who are exhausted to the breaking point during the Second Gulf War. The choices that Gunderson makes will dictate whether others live or die. Choose well, or bear the consequences of indecision…

Rating: 4/ 5 stars


Hits end before it begins

I picked up this book, only because I couldn’t take the suspense and the cliffhanger left out by the previous book and to my utter disappointment, neither did this book give me any answers to previous book and neither to whatever happens in this book itself

The book is again a interactive book, where the readers decide how the book will behave and for this book, I suppose the authors couldn’t think much because they ended everything at a very abrupt stage almost like mocking the readers

In my opinion the book never even flies proper and it meets its end which is the worst way to treat your readers and what angers me most is that the book had so much potential and yet had been met with a callous treatment. The authors involved were in my opinion the finest and together they could have created magic but unfortunately it was too short to narrate a story

The book inspite of a good foundation didn’t work much towards it and is sort of a disappointing experience because had it been extended or had some good addition, this would have been a great read.