Review: Rukhsat The Departure

Book: Rukhsat The Departure

AuthorSujit Banerjee

Plot: Twenty six stories flow – some into each other, some crossing one another and few charting their own path. Each breathe independently and fade away after reflecting on their own existence. Each story explore an independent emotion leaving you to make our own conclusion.

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

Collection of Uncommon and Irregular gems

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book to read and review

Rukshat, The departure is definitely a unique collection of short stories. I call the book collection of uncommon and irregular gems because each story is undoubtedly a gem and surprise treat in itself but either blame it on my less developed comprehension skills that I couldn’t see the big picture or how it all fit together but then that shouldn’t be a problem because each story can be treated independently and in doing so, you get a wonderful treat.

Stories like Abhimanyu, Bhushan, Gustav, Lotika, Qamar, Thammaiah, utkarsh, xitij, yasmin bibi, zayan, revealed to be a fantastic treat because as soon as you come to its end, the story manages to leave something very prominent to think over in very few lines that you can’t stop from applauding the cunningness with which the author brought you to such a huge topic

But at the same time, stories like chitra, eklavya, Farzana, Hemakshi, Jaba, nitin, omi, Reena, varun, failed a bit to resonate as the ending couldn’t strike the right chord or lived up to the status the gradual build up that the story had been aiming at.

Stories like Devesh, karan, manu, palash,Siraj, waseem, were sort of surprising with its endings and was part of the light and cute stories

There were stories like Indu, which was a blurry experience as I couldn’t find out the jist of what happened in there.

One of the unique things that I noticed was how the author had titled each of his chapters after a character’s name and sorted it in alphabetical orders. In the book, you can’t actually pin point the stories as exactly good, bad or ugly as each of them have something unique about it whether be it the beginning or something in what it aimed at during the flow or what it left for you to think over in the end.

In short it is a collection of uniquely put together stories with a very poetic language adorning each of them. It is a collection of hit and misses but nothing bad. So it is definitely a book worth trying plus its short stories not demanding much of your time.