Book Review: Scarlet Nights by Mayur Patel

scarlet nights

Book: Scarlet Nights

Author: Mayur Patel

Plot: Smart, sexy and confident, Malvika Chauhan lives an enviably perfect life in Mumbai. She has a flourishing career, a loving boyfriend and a promising future. Spiteful, fearless and mysterious, Margrita lives on the extreme ends. Self-merriment is the only thing that matters to her.Destiny plays wicked and brings the two women face to face with each other. While Malvika knows nothing about Margrita, Margrita is well-aware of the hidden secrets of Malvika’s past. Malvika’s life turns sour as she struggles against the insufferable circumstances inflicted upon her by Margrita. It’s a situation she cannot escape. If the hidden secrets get disclosed, Malvika will be finished. She will lose every precious thing she has… her career, her prestige, her love…

‘Scarlet Nights’ is a haunting tale of the unfathomable depths inside the human psyche.

Rating: 4/5 stars


Immensely Bold and Explicit to draw attention towards a social cause

First of all a huge thanks to the author for sharing me a copy of his book to read and review

To be honest in the beginning of the book, I had almost given up on the book because it was riding on the plains that I was not at all comfortable with. The book seemed to be bolder, mature and adult without any particular reason and to be brought into the very beginning didn’t set on a good impression with me but towards the second half I must say the book changed in a way that I didn’t anticipate and from being a work of fiction it went on to become enlightening and after finishing the book, you feel like having learnt some very important truths about the core theme of the book.

The book as described in its synopsis deals with human psyche and the author does it at two levels. Initially he eases the reader with light approach towards the topic and completely in a subtle form and it is later when you have actually journeyed through more than half of the book that the author takes you through the complexity of the theme he has chosen for the book and this is where as a reader one has to maintain their patience and concentration because the things shown and said requires deeper views and moves into complex levels. This is where the meat of the book lies and if you get this portion then you would totally understand the book

I think it was clever of the author to pick up the theme and the story base he had used to make the readers aware of an important topic that he aims his book at but at the same time, am I impressed with the treatment? Yes and No . Yes I like how he used a character and story that you would find in your daily life and through the character’s eyes tried to educate the reader. NO. because I am not sure whether the bolder, sexier and raunchier was truly a necessity for the book or it was just a tool used to spice up the book but apart from these I would truly say that the book had a good message to it and for that one reason I find it to be perfect.

The language fortunately is smoother and simpler which is I guess why such a complex theme is able to resonate in the reader’s mind with ease. Narration technique is not as perfect as one would want it to be because in the beginning there are times when the narration is playing to and fro. Like revisiting a same scene after explaining it more vividly but that sort of breaks the continuity too.

It’s the first half that you would want to sit tight and wait for it to get smooth as towards the second half when everything starts sort of making sense, you find the book moving really fast and holding your attention tightly.

The book totally justifies its theme and at the end achieves the purpose of drawing attention of its readers towards a great cause and that in itself should be considered as a great achievement for the book. Language is simple and clear. Narration has its ups and downs but in the end does support the flow of the book. So with a thriller backdrop the book runs fast and by the second half it is totally gripping.



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