Review: The Voodoo Detective (Detective Byone Series #5) by Ricardo M. Fleshman

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Book: The Voodoo Detective (Detective Byone Series #5)

Author: Ricardo M. Fleshman

Plot: Christmas, 1973. One of the young women from La Petite Fleur Rose has mysteriously disappeared. For the last nine months New Orleans Private Detective Moses Byone has worked the cases that have the entire Crescent City donning him the Voodoo Detective. Mose and Armond race against time to protect themselves from the terribly dark and malevolent forces threatening them and the beautiful, seductive women of La Petite Fleur Rose. Gripping to the last, Detective Moses Byone comes face to face with the darkness and evil he has tried so desperately to disprove as he becomes The Voodoo Detective.

Rating: 5 /5 stars

Vodoo Detective does its voodoo over the readers so magnanimously

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book and giving me the opportunity to not only discover but continue enjoy an amazing series.

The series at the current stage stands far superior and impressively evolved from the first book, The Dying Dance. One of the things that I keep mentioning about the series is the fact that the book is quick, crisp and short. In the short journey of the book, you cover a lot of layers to the central character and the story and this in turn says a lot about the writing style of the author

One of the noted things about the book is that the whole book moves with the help of events in the story and none of the events stall with unnecessary details or backlogs. It focuses on the event at hand, its relevance to the plot and only the aspects that is important to the understanding of the event and the story in general is unfolded which makes it easier for the readers to absorb themselves into the book.

So for me personally the plus point of the book is that fact that unlike every other thriller the author does not bombard you with truck loads of details and background stories so that he could keep you wandering and wandering, not able to judge the path of the story until the author wants you to. No in fact our author is keen on the path he takes from the beginning. You are not made weary with side tracks but with small and eventual steps, you are taken to the end of the book beautifully. Easy, quick and effortless.

The core theme is another fascinating thing. He uses his theme very subtly and does not force you to take notice. You by default get lured to the basic theme of voodoo and the world of magic and souls without even realizing and I think that is how you use a basic theme in your story. Without neon signs pointing it out and letting the readers tap on it gently.

The language is smoother and absolutely flowing and perhaps you could say that the author says a lot of stuff in so little words that With no doubt, the book with its fast pace and the growth the series has seen over the time, has made it to be better and better,making this a must pick for any thriller addicts.



Author interview- Ricardo M Fleshman