Book Review: My instant marriage life by Subha Priya


Book: My instant marriage life


Plot: Sudha is going to talk to you about her two instant marriage life. A fall in love during college days, made her to run away from home to Joe, who is madly in love with her. What made a twist in her life? Who betrayed her and made her to marry Surya, a cruel person living with her girlfriend. How did she learn financial career is important for a girl after marriage? How did she find Harish? What chemistry work between them both? Did she fall in third Instant marriage with Harish? A lot of travel from Nagercoil, Coimbatore, Banglore, Mumbai in search of love. My instant marriage life is a heart warming love story of sudha, who knows only to love. Incidents in her life took her to love her career and showed a new path to her life. Travel with her, laugh, smile, cry with her.




Rating: 1.5 / 5 stars

Where is the editor of this book ? Call for an execution of the guy with immediate effect

First of all a huge thanks to the author for contacting me and recommending her work to me but I am sorry you will see a lot of wrath in this review.

we are going to be here for a while… SO LETS BEGIN

I M FUMING RED as an aftereffect of reading this book.

After reading the book, the strongest feeling I having is that of anger. Anger because of the callous way the book had been treated. Anger over the fact that a perfectly beautiful story was broken and shattered into pieces so much that you can barely put it together and see the bigger picture. It took a lot from me to actually see that the underlying story was about finding second chances, standing strong against the bad tides of life but what is the point if the book can hardly steer it even remotely close to this core theme.

In all the books I have read so far, it is either one of the components that works against the book but in this case every factor is working against the book. Everything is practically wrong with the book narration, language, story flow, characters and even the title. Yes the title too

Lets pick this up one by one.

Title – I ransacked through 251 pages and I am still clueless as to why the title is “My Instant Marriage” . The author may have her reasons and idea but it isn’t explanatory from the book and that is bad..really bad thing for a book..

I remember reading this book by Laini Taylor, yes the famous, Daughter of smoke and Bone. While you read that book you would never understand why the book is named so until there is a point in the book where it is like “AHA” moment where it strikes how apt the title is and that adds to the sweetness of the book. So yes I was disappointed at the title which bore no resemblance to the book and in fact the cover too stays true for the same. One look and the cover and then at the story itself and you feel you have been cheated.

Languge OH Lord save me from the memories of that horrible plight.
Time and again I have mentioned that there is a clear difference between language used for conversation and writing a fiction and this is classic example of “what the language shouldn’t be” . The trouble is language is broken and chipped without clearly conveying the matter. As an author one wouldn’t expect the person to make simple and childish grammatical mistakes. There is a clear clash between past and present tense in each sentence as if the author doesn’t know whether she should be using past tense or present tense. She is clearly confused. Both past and present tense keep fighting their battle in a single sentence disturbing the whole sentence structuring. Language is horrible. I know the importance of keeping your sentences short but the book had way too short sentence like you would have for a kindergarten rhyme book. There are clearly a lot of grammatical and editorial errors as well making me wonder what the editing team of the book was doing while reading the book because recently I have learnt that you cant always blame the author for everything as half of the effort has to be done by the editing team as well.

Narration & Story: The beauty of a book is the way the story is slowly build gradually dragging in the readers and for that to happen you have to set your scenes properly. Introduce each character with patience and give everything a time. The book is clearly not a work of fiction but a fact book. The author goes on writing accounts of events after events without any emotion or buildup. It feels like plain history textbook that just is random lines of events and nothing else.

What is even more painful is that the book is romance. Romance? How can you write – “ romeo saw Juliet and they went around for some time and their parents were against their relationship and unable to fight against the opposition from both sides, the couple killed themselves” WOW if Shakespeare would have wrote Romeo and Juliet like that we would not be bothering with literature classes anymore. There is a reason why Shakespeare is considered a genius and why the classic actually runs miles long. Because romance is something that find its beauty in tender developments and tiny sparks.

Well that is what angers me most… Every indian author wants to write a romance when none of them has the faintest idea to what actual romance is. You can’t show that a couple sitting and sharing a cup of coffee is romance. No it can be just one instance.stop thinking that one look or one cup of coffee is romance and love .Stop with parents and romance combination already. None of the books try showing the buildup of a romance. The actual time spend and exploring each other.The strength and weakness of the relation. One meet or accidental bump in an engineering class and voila ..romance happens. NO DEAR it doesn’t happen that way. If that was the case, Nicolas Spark would have clearly stopped writing those books filled with frequent meets, clashes and making up of couples. He wouldn’t have bothered with the fine setting and explaining each of his character and their sorrows and joy. He simply would have written. He saw the girl in the red dress and he went to his mom to ask the girl’s parents her hands in marriage… NO that is outright creepy and a slap on romance.

Character – What characters? Could someone point me towards it because I clearly can’t see and that is what happens when you barely stop to introduce the readers to them. You use each character as a tissue paper, using it for time being and discarding them altogether when not required. We find nothing about the characters even after the end of the book. Not even about the central character. This is all because of the haste in just writing down events after events and not concentrating on each scene.

If I look at the book, things are moving way too weirdly as there is no patience visible in cultivating the story. Weirdly the romance portion was a whole lot of cringe worthy situations. It was not set properly and the author simply used the wrong way to portray it.Build up to each scene is wrong and there is no patience and heart in narrating but more effort is visible in documenting events. After a point there are detailed mention of stuffs that should hardly do any good for the book in general. There are so many silly mistakes that it is really revolting

I am angry at how a perfectly good story was treated so callous. The story would have been perfect as an inspiration and power to second chances in life. It had so many layers to it but unfortunately was thrown off in haste and poor editing and lack of clear care and passion for the book.






ATTENTION ALL MILITARY PERSONNEL :Forget lasers, machine guns and nuclear weapons.YOU now have a much more dangerous weapon at your disposal.

I present:

My Instant Marriage (ehh???)Life

images (44)

Seriously, Sam and Dean Winchester.

images (46)

(Nope you are not going to be laughing after reading this book.)

Forget Holy water. Forget the Colt.

You don’t need these to kill demons.

Yep you don’t. Just read a few pages of MIML aloud and POOF, the demon would commit suicide.

images (51)

To be honest, I would have never ever picked this book.Like even if there had been a book apocalypse and this was the last book on earth, I would have been like,” Nahh…I am gonna pass”.

But Miss Rouge is one kind hearted soul (Bless her kind heart) so I gave it a shot.

A few pages into the book, and I am sure a lot of my brain cells died.

No not because of oxygen deprivation (Well, that could have been quite true because many times during this ‘torture’ session,I had the urge to hang or drown myself) but in trying to make sense of the language.

Saying that Shakespeare would have died a million DEATHS, if he read MIML would be an understatement.

I mean what was really going on here. Was the book written in another language, then translated using Google translator and published?

Look below.


Here language is given as ‘English’. It should have been ‘Alien’ instead.

I think you got my point. The language sucked.

Now for the story.

I am going to be fair. Story was there.




images (30)

The story was murdered by the author.

images (52)


The execution was lousy. There were so many unnecessary details. Many times it felt like a diary entry. The pace was such that the reader simply couldn’t get into it, couldn’t get a feel of the story.

And oh God the romance!!

Wait, was there even any?

Our MC, Sudha kept on narrating her story like it was some rapid fire round in a quiz contest.

Puhhleessee slow down. What’s the hurry?

Now for the characters. Our MC was very uninspiring and immature. She almost seemed bi-polar. As for the secondary characters, they seemed incomplete, their involvement in the story kept minimal. I still don’t know who Joe was and neither the reason for his love explained.

It seemed Joe himself didn’t know the reason .All he has to say about it is,’ You look so beautiful’.

unnamed (1)

I think, as a reader, the reason that Joe fell for Sudha was looks. He keeps on telling Sudha the same ( WOW…Really DEEP. Ehhhh!!) and, not once does she questions his love for her nor tries to find out the reason,no not even when he touches her privates at their FIRST real meeting.

If a guy ever told me that he fell for me because ,”I look like a doll” or “I look beautiful”, I would be like and far from impressed.

images (36)

And if he declared me as his girlfriend without even having one decent conversation first, he would have made it to the top of my ” Creepy people to avoid” list.

(Fall in love with such a guy? Pfftt..)

That’s what Joe does bu THAT is not what Sudha does. She should have. Like any normal, sane person.

No. Rather she goes ahead and visits his house ( and let’s him touch her err..privates).



Whatever happens after Joe and Sudha’s epic ‘love’ story seemed too dramatic. It may have been because things seemed to be happening too fast so much so that it was almost overwhelming.


The book had a story. It could have been heart rendering, an emotional roller coaster, an inspiring saga but the story was murdered by:

Grammar ( or rather the lack of it)

Pace (Bullet train anyone)

Unnecessary details (Snore)

Under developed characters

So, this review is nothing but a postmortem /autopsy of this corpse of a story.


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