BOOK CHAT on My Instant Marriage Life by Subha Priya

This is our very book chat that we are doing on the book that we recently got for review 

“My instant Marriage” by Subha Priya





 Where did you get this? No bcoz seriously, the language




I hear your pain sister. I mean who wouldn’t want to murder somebody after reading the book. I thought engineering boys had it that bad that they had to write a novel to get over that itch but girls too !!!. I opened the book thinking it would be some sort of desi mills & boons and I will get through it and oh lord…i think i died at the first line of the book itself


PHASE 2: After Finishing the Initial Chapters of the BOOK and ending appalled at a major cringer point in the book


I am having trouble focusing on the story



 Story?? where was that?



Touché !!! I finally managed to ignore the grammar and proceed till I read when the guy’s mom comes & takes the girl to their home and I was shocked or rather furious when I read what happens next. He starts his ‘romance’ by touching her breasts!!! WTF



Rogue: you know what !! as the book progresses you can’t help but swearing in blood and bones. Rather blood and bones of the author.Are you at the point where is the girl is suspended and is being taken home by joy’s mom?



Yes I am there and **** man !!! Touching breasts !!! And oh lord  about that mom’s .. ‘ u hve a nice girlfriend’!!Seriously!!!!!



you reached there…. that was exactly the portion i wanted you to see !! I am still shocked and sort of feeling repelled by that exact romance scene. I swear… it felt so cringing … and puke worthy


Crimson: I seriously think that if a guy is going for your booty , he doesn’t love u. It is not love, it’s lust



LOL. You said booty… ROFL. But seriously that was no way love dude… the guy kept staring at her in classes and after two days you are practically moving in with the guy and top of it… are letting him touch you. Where was the relationship building? Where was the first meeting? The guy is practically claiming you with the way he keeps acting…don’t you think so?


Seriously. He didn’t even ask her opinion and worst she let him do whatever the guy felt like. We cud attribute this to her upbringing, maybe that is why she was weaker. The MC was very uninspiring & Unimpressive for me

Rogue: same here

Crimson: I think even if the MC IS stupid, don’t just put it out there.Be subtle about it. The reader needs to like the character.Many people look at a character & they either see a part of themselves.They see someone they can / want to become

Rogue: I hear your pain sister !!! I hear you !!

PHASE 3: After covering almost half of the book


you know what. I am more angry than disappointed at the book…. there is actually a story hidden in the book but it is being so cruelly told.

Crimson: I FELT exactly the SAME way!!!! I was just about to say,’ that ignoring all grammar and everything else in the book, the author did have a story to tell’

Rogue: There is a lot going to happen but the author kind of tells everything in two or three lines and go on wasting time in explaining unnecessary things

PHASE 4: Venting out frustration after getting over with the book


What do you think of the book? are you crimson in joy or crimson with anger?



I am crimson because I murdered the author in my mind a thousand times for inflicting this thing on us and am covered in her blood

Rogue: i share the exact same feeling… except in my case i am Rouge with Anger (see what i did there… branding.. LOL)but in all seriousness i completely agree that the book sort of makes you angry a) with poor – editing, grammar, narration and story telling… so what is left ? and b) lack of passion towards the book… because you could see that in the treatment that it was hasty and callous


I wouldn’t even use the word grammar here, lest it gets offended, sprouts legs and runs off to a cliff and jumps.The characters were not complete. Though they did seem real. Like the MC’s friend. Ritu & Renu. There are people like that

Rogue: Perhaps That is why i feel that the author must have used her real life experiences to draw these characters . Yes i agree that the character seemed real but as you said none of them are complete and i feel the reason is that the author is not putting effort in shaping, introducing these characters properly and neither is she giving the time for these characters to spread and show their worth. A glaring example is the character of Joy.. i still dont know anything about this character. The author just drags him into the scene almost immediately and continues without properly introducing or describing

Crimson: I agree with you on Joe A.k.a Joy

Rogue: Joy didn’t bring any joy to the book

Crimson: I don’t Know anything about him except that he likes to make out even when he knows zilch about the girl

Rogue: see that is what bothers me about the book… Essentially the book is a romance… so the priority should be romance. and when i say that i mean.. development of relation…onset of romance..growth of relationship that is what romance book has to be… that is how you live a book.Have you too felt that the book was factual instead of fiction… it was all facts ..i did this …i did that then this happened then this….

Crimson: Lol it was more like a diary entry Or a collection of Facebook status

Rogue: exactly… it is simply running off with accounts if events. Leave everything lets focus on the elephant in the room “God how poor is the book quality”.Its seriously so horrible that i wanted to tear the book but then i realized i am reading an electronic copy  and cant mess with it.

Crimson: The title itself is incorrect. My instant ‘Marriage’ life. So generic. (Ignoring the grammatical error, did that throught out the book).Though I think the author kind of justified the title Because the book was ‘instant’, like 3 minute Maggie Or like those horrible instant coffee you get that you can neither swallow nor spit out So yes ,’Instant’ indeed

Rogue: Exactly. Instant is in the treatment of the book too. This is primarily a romance book so what do you think about the romance angle?

Crimson: Romance? What romance?

Rogue: copy that !! My basic question is … “WHERE IS THE EDITOR? “How come the book would run off with childish and glaring errors? something that even a basic spell checker could have rectified

Crimson: And WTF is this??? Current thru my beep beep? Yep I felt numb too after reading these lines. Wait. I felt numb after reading the book itself

Rogue: that was exactly what i wanted you to read… the romance is so creepy… it makes you cringe. That shows the level of research and passion  towards the writing or expressing the thoughts

So I guess we both agree that the book was disappointing