Book Review: Zenova 20 – Finest Assortment of 20 Short Stories by Reetwika Banerjee

Book : Zenova 20 – Finest Assortment of 20 Short Stories

Author: Reetwika Banerjee

Plot: ‘Zenova’ is a non-dictionary word, which signifies author’s creative expansion at the same time injecting a pinch of curiosity among the readers. The word has been innovatively coined by conjugating couple of cantos from different lingos. ‘Zen’ in Japanese implies ‘Good and Improved’ while ‘Nova’ in Latin connotes ‘Fresh’; so ‘Zenova 20’ means a collection of 20 new stories which are not only fresh, but
also improved in the way cited by the critics of author’s debut title ‘Fantastic 40’.

Rating: 5 /5


Truly a Finest Assortment

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the book and trusting my words again as this is the second book that I reading from the author’s work house

As I mentioned before this is the second book and just as same with the first book this one too is a set of finely crafted short stories making me seriously consider the fact that the author do have a skill with short stories

If you are lazy enough to read a whole book or are one of those inquisitive ones who after reading the very first line wants to know the end then the author’s books are a perfect gift for you. Her books hardly demands time and within a few minutes you get to experience the feel you would have got reading a fully fledged novel

While in the previous book I saw areas that felt like loose ends, this time around the book has left no scope for complaints as each chapter seemed to have a perfect start, end and middle to it making it complete in itself. Some stories tend to leave strong messages while others left with lights shining brightly on some socially relevant questions.

In short each story seemed to have been given its space and time to form and tell its version and fortunately didn’t feel like half and hastily cooked and that my dear people is why you should go for the book and truly the book seems to justify its tag line . A finely assorted collection of short stories

I loved it and I believe, so would you and plus it’s hardly lengthy and time demanding…
So what’s stopping you?