Book Review: Our Demons, Best Friends by Diana T Scott


Book: Our Demons, Best Friends

Author: Diana T. Scott

Plot: Ava and Sebastian are two medical residents who in a perfect world, would really like each other. But both of them are closely watched by their demons. Their baggage is not light – Ava has hers carefully folded in vacuum bags to occupy as little room as possible; Sebastian wears his like a lead armor that makes him slouch sometimes. They like each other, but how are their demons going to get along?

Rating: 4/ 5 stars


Grey’s Anatomy in Paperback

Well for one, the title of the book is definitely is alluring and very captive. When it comes to the rest of the book I wouldn’t say that the book was exactly as thrilling and exciting as the title. But does that mean the book was bad? No absolutely not. For me personally, the book does not exactly promise anything fresh and unheard off but yes the setting is definitely different and hence why I have titled my review Grey’s Anatomy in Paperback because its exactly that. Romance in scrubs around hotel corridors.

My complaint with the book is that the author sort of went back on exploring the basic setting a bit. The author tend to sway away from the story with a lot of irrelevant background details and these details are way too much that it is sort of difficult for you to concentrate on the main track. Hence you can imagine what I am pointing at when I am saying, flow isn’t exactly smooth flow …. You know…. Because the author is trying to incorporate a lot of details

Lets just for example, the author says that a dinner is being organized…fair enough…. So the author also puts in the description of the dress and hairstyle into it…acceptable…. But do I really need to know when was the last time you brought the dress or what made you buy the dress and other background details on a dress? …well good you told me you are wearing a skirt or dress to the dinner and that it is in a particular color tone but I really don’t want to hear about the birth story of the very yarn that has been used to make the skirt…. Well of course I m using this as figuratively and not that the author is actually narrating the birth story of an yarn… but I hope you get the picture that the author tends to go into flashback and another flashback in that flashback… head spinning yet?

Now comes the next part . Journal nature. The book had the vibe of a gentle and subtle journal. One wrong step and it could have gone on to become a journal. I still feel that the book was a journal of a medical intern recording her gradual journey to romance. The book is way too detailed and mechanical to behave as a fiction. It is more of a record of the character on what she does from the time she wakes up till she goes to bed and meanwhile adding in some exciting things that happened during this course

As such there is nothing bad about the book except for the general flow of the book which is jerky because of the in between self induced breaks it takes to narrate and illuminate details which quite frank is not that important but otherwise the language has a smoothness and ease to it.