Review: Dark Winter: Last Rites


Book: Dark Winter: Last Rites (Dark Winter #3)

Author:  John Hennessy

Plot: As the Crescent Moon set on that last day of winter, the residents of Gorswood realized that the horrors that had been contained in the woods for so long, had finally risen, and were coming for them.With the fate of Romilly, Beth, and Gorswood’s greatest ever witch uncertain, an age-old evil senses its time has come, threatening to cover the inhabitants of Gorswood in a new and never ending terror. Even if the newest owner of the Mirror of Souls is to prevail, at what cost will her victory be?Meanwhile, the last rites on a long dead demon need to be performed. But her spirit resides in the most terrifying place of all, meaning that a choice will have to be made. A choice that will affect the entire world…..

Rating: 5 / 5 stars

Review: What can I say that I haven’t said before.? That John is the best. Nope I think I have mentioned it at least thousand times by now 😛 so what next? Oh yeah that he is the best horror writer ? Nope I think I have almost ingrained that to the very grounds John walks on. So what is left? I guess nothing expect that he has done it again with Dark winter finale

So A HUGE THANKS TO JOHN HENNESSY for the copy of the book and a whole lot of things that would not fit into this small place so I just going to type and leave a short thank you as a reminder to the amazing writer and person you are.


Also a short apology for taking so long to leave in this review because I had a lot to say and write and I didn’t want to wrap it up in few words

OK now I am going to halt my personal admiration and worship session for a while and get on with the real reason as to why we all have gathered here…

Right…so Lets Begin

Let me repeat the fact that I have been mentioning over and over in my reviews of his books as to how scary it is to see how good John is with dark and horror subjects. Horror, for all I know was more effective in visual medium until I stumbled upon the dark winter series and that is when I learnt that even a book can scare the bejeesus out of one if the author really wants to.

Alfred Hitchcock would had send Mr. Psycho for your brain, John, if he was still alive. You would had replaced Janet Leigh in that epic shower scene

John consistently reinvents his work and that to me is one of the best parts that I can look forward in each of his books. Each book is so far superior and better that the evolution simply astonishes you. The finale of Dark winter brings forward answers to a lot of questions and while continuing with what was left at the second book is also playing at a whole new level and with a lot more complex and developed characters

The characters really play with your head and have so many deeper layers to them that the chapters bring out different colors in these characters. Some puzzles you with their actions, some irate you while some just draw your emotions out. So each character and their role in the book is very powerfully crafted

Now if you know me, you will understand when I say that I am forced by my habit to nitpick that I did find the narrator blurring in between lines. To be more simply put, sometimes it is just difficult to see the narrator, whether it is being done by a third person or a character. Sometimes the entity of the narrator of a scene kind of appears blurry.

While in the first two book the whole story moves within the group of these friends that form our central characters, this time the author had given each character their own portions through which the story moves back and forth and narrating what is happening, what had happened and what is bound to happen. So the story moves in blocks through the different characters. This treatment has in turn help you deduce the nature of our characters more perfectly too.

Do not let John tell you a story, if you ever want to sleep without nightmares. I am afraid with John’s talent for horror, especially dark horror, Cinderella would be walking with head turned around and an axe in hand, hunting for her lost shoe, if John ever sit down to narrate that story


So as usual John has set the bars way too high for horror and i can’t wait for his next book… Too bad Dark Winter came to an end