Book Review: Second Heart: ‘First Heart Beats for Love, Second Heart Beats for Life by Sandeep H. Huilgol, Santosh Avvannavar


Book:  Second Heart: ‘First Heart Beats for Love, Second Heart Beats for Life

Author:  Sandeep H. HuilgolSantosh Avvannavar

Plot: The book encompasses five different heart touching stories with simple narration to bring an awareness about the misconception about kidney (referred as Second Heart) issues among general public. These are partly based on true stories about individual experiences. The book attempts on non-technical handling of a technical issue through emotional stories.

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

A good insight into the theme

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book and trusting my words and blabbers again and again

The author perhaps deserves a trophy for bearing my rantings for so long as he has over and over again shown trust in my reviews and this is definitely a huge thing by my book. This must be the fourth or the fifth book from his workhouse that i am reading and as always he brings forward a great and powerful message in this book just like all of his other books

The books from the author’s workhouse always try to instill facts and lessons through small and yet powerful stories and that is why none of his books demand much of your time and are always quick read yet emotionally stirring

This time his theme revolves around kidney diseases and takes on the task of educating the readers about the various complications and precautions associated with this vital organ.

I am going to pull out all the negative things first. Perhaps it was in the first chapter that i noticed the tendency of overusing (). This to be honest was kind of distracting and i found was not necessary because half the time i was distracted to notice why exactly half of the things are inside the brackets but its just nit picking so lets move on to next one. In chapter 4, i felt that the story had so many layers that it wasn’t able to hold it together in a short story and perhaps required a bigger platform and lastly i did find the language adopting a lot of colloquialism and the language had that colloquial tone to it but frankly these become irrelevant and blurs out in the broader aspect of the book

To be fair you cannot take the book as a work of fiction completely as it is aimed at educating and spreading awareness and Even with the light tone of the story, Second Heart does bring light to a whole lot of relevant issues.

So Once again the book is a short and quick read but points out a lot of valuable facts that are not worth and should not be avoided.