Book Review: The Bordello Kid by Kendall Hanson


Book: The Bordello Kid

Author: Kendall Hanson

Plot: After Fat Jack Craft has been exiled from his mother’s “boarding house,” he must find a substitute lookout to protect the women who ply their trade for her. He discovers a tough young drifter, Farrell Gunn, who fits the bill, except for being shy and tongue-tied around women. When the drifter rescues a competing dove and convinces Jack’s mother to take her in, the bordello discovers how dangerous the woman’s past patrons can be. Can Farrell protect her, the other girls, and the boarding house, or will he be forced to flee for his life? (official synopsis)

Rating: 4 / 5 stars


Chronicles of the WILD WEST

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book and giving me an opportunity to get acquainted with the Wild West.

The Bordello Kid in every way is a Wild Wild West story and the setting is perfectly built that one gets the true vibe of Wild West from the very first page. Each character has the qualities akin to the time period and stands apart from the beginning to the end and that is what is interesting about the book that it is mostly about these bunch of characters that comes together to narrate a life in a particular time and a particular period

I did have trouble with the colloquial words that ran too much in the book but otherwise I found the language apt for the time period it was set in and the pace is fantastic as it moves pretty quickly enough to hold your interest and yet not blurring fast to not give you time with each of these characters.

The core plot is good and nothing that goes way too high to not be able to relate to it and the language adorned it well to make it an exciting read so in all if you dream in cowboy then pick this book up today itself as it provides a very interesting glimpse to time long gone