Book Review: Mysterious Templar (The Templar Trilogy Book 1) by Adriana Girolami

Book: Mysterious Templar (The Templar Trilogy Book 1)

Author:  Adriana Girolami

Plot: Dark forces and violence enters the European court of the Duke of Nemours in the year of our Lord 1480. The only hope remains in the hands of the Duke’s daughter Polyxena—a stunning beauty, coveted by many men. As the princess bride, she arrives at the castle of the Duke of Lorengard-Lorraine only to find her arranged marriage has been foiled. Duke Arsinio has been murdered in a coup d’état and she is a virtual prisoner of an evil tyrant. A mysterious knight appears to challenge the power of the tyrant and bring hope to the people. The face of this enigmatic warrior is covered by a red mask and the cross on his chest defines him as a Knight Templar. (official synopsis)

Rating: 5/5


Knight in Shining Armor

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book and a special hug and thanks to John Hennessy for being the reason why the author and me got a chance to interact and share the book.

Ever got a feeling reading the first few pages of a book that you need to buy the sequel right there and then? If yes then you will understand why I had wanted to buy the sequel right after the first chapter because the first few chapters are in itself a nice glimpse to the potential and quality of the book.

The book is a classic example of pride in simplicity. The author had used the simplest way of narration and no trickery and complexity, just plain art of storytelling and that is why you will fall for the book instantly. At least I did because of that. It is so convenient to flow with the book as the language is smooth and narration is captivating.

This is my first experience with historical romance and I must say the book turned out to be an amazing opening to this genre for me. You have to give credits to the author for making it such refreshingly narrative and captive. I love how the ambiance of the period that the story is set in is, well described and effectively maintained.

I was and in fact still short of words for the review because I couldn’t find anything to say except that it was a good and entertaining read. LOVED THE ARTWORK on the cover which again is none other than the creative hands of our author herself at work.

So basically in short what I am saying that I don’t see a single reason as to why you shouldn’t read this book so get to the nearest store or your favourite online store and book not only this but even the sequels to this book right now !! The book is simple, quick and absolutely a light and fun read.



I couldn’t resist myself and i had to share this


An Author and an Artist… Now that’s a lethal combo 😛