Book Review: Dead Eyed (DCI Michael Lambert #1) by Matt Brolly


Book: Dead Eyed (DCI Michael Lambert #1)

Author:Matt Brolly

Plot: The removal of the victim’s eyes and the Latin inscription carved into the chest is the chilling calling-card of the ‘soul jacker’: a cold-blooded murderer who struck close to Michael once before, twenty-five years ago.Now the long-buried case is being re-opened, and Michael is determined to use his inside knowledge to finally bring the killer to justice. But as the body count rises, Michael realises that his own links to the victims could mean that he is next on the killer’s list… (official synopsis)

Ratings: 4/5


Well its no CSI for sure…

A huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book and I think I owe the author a huge apology for delaying the review for so long. Imagine during the delay he had even released a sequel and still was kind enough to send me both the copies twice. Yes twice. So I don’t know how I can express my gratitude for being so patient and kind about it

So let’s talk about the book Dead Eyed

Noticed how every episode of CSI opens with a dead body and during the course of forty minutes, after playing with a lot of beakers, test tubes and super cool gadgets wearing lab coats and glasses, investigators gets a case closed and murderer behind the bars even before you could finish saying “wow that was superawesomtasticfreakingcool” (no? ok maybe its just me…) so my point is that unfortunately this doesn’t happen in real life and this book just proves that bitter truth all the more. In a way that is also were I am a bit disappointed too..

The plot is absolutely a whodunit favorite with enough meat to chew on and keep you hooked as till the very end you have no idea how this all came about. In fact when I was actually shown the culprit I was still scratching my head in total unbelief and gluing together the larger picture. So yes for a thriller the plot is really nice and complex enough.

Treatment is where the things get a bit different. I am assuming that the author is aware of the practical and real life scenario of a murder investigation and howthings work in there. Either that or the author had done a really terrific job in his research as it shows in the book and while showing the realistic side he may have gone a bit too far because things gets too realistic aka slow and boring (shuuuz…that was rude)

The book shows how investigation unfolds in real life, which is like waiting for long lists of paper works, permissions and questioning and stuff which isn’t as glamorous and colorful as it is shown in movies and TV series…so for quite a while in the book…each chapter is moving with very minimal development in the case which means that though the book has a steady pace, in terms of events you may have to wait a bit for things to happen.

The author kind of avoids fictionalized case investigation, you won’t see our investigating officer getting those light bulb moments and stumbling upon that one missing link that unfolds every secret magically…NOPE….You have to literally wait for our officer to pick up each tiny piece and piecing it together as the book continues.

So in the end I say it’s a good start to a good investigative series but you need to keep an open mind and a bit of patience. Those who want realistic investigation series, this is an amazing pick but if you are one of those who would prefer a little adrenaline pumping, completely spiced up thriller you might have to lower down your expectations a bit but otherwise I would say, one should give the series a try.