Book Review: Consuming Fire (Rouge #3) by Isabella Modra


Book: Consuming Fire (Rouge #3)

Author: Isabella Modra

Plot: After Hunter and Will are rescued from the institution and brought to the safe house where the others are hiding out, Hunter is met with several new challenges; facing Joshua for the first time since the warehouse, forgiving him for the mess he made of her life, discovering that Eli and Jenny are alive, and mending the shaken relationship she has with Will after their horrific last few days in ICE, all the while figuring out a way to defeat Dr. Wolfe and get her father back. (Official synopsis)

Ratings: 4/5


An extensive finale

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book and trusting my words throughout the series

Consuming Fire is the much awaited finale to the Rouge series .To be frank I would say that the best book in the series was the second book, Embers & Ice which was nothing less to a mini volcano with so many secrets bursting out and taking you in its heat . Let us come to third book, Consuming Fire. It does offer a lot of fresh element but when I say “a lot” I mean it literally that there are “a lot” of elements to deal with

Language and narration is almost natural and fluid and one of the reasons why I love the author’s work. Its simple and crystal clear in what it wants to say.  Now the story. You will love it because it has got something very different and unique that makes it different from the rest of the paranormal romance genre but where I am having trouble is the fact that there are a lot of chapters in the book that is there just to fix each character into its position or simply getting you more acquainted with the central or supporting characters and then when you talk about supporting characters there are a whole lot..Almost like trying to get to know an entire classroom of 40-50 students

There are a lot of short chapters making it a very lengthy book and because of which at times it feels like the pace must have halted but I will admit that even in all these the author actually makes you remember each and every character because she draws a sharp picture of each one of them that you can’t forget any of these characters even if you try.

The interesting thing is that by the third book there are so many characters that you no more know which are the central characters because all of them collectively form the book and no one stands out enough to say that the story belongs to a particular character.

Technically the entire book could be summed up in half of the book’s present volume but the author has taken an extensive effort to bring forward each character and give them all space and depending upon how you like knowing your characters you may like it or you may feel it is just piling upon pages making it a voluminous one.

Undoubtedly second half is the life of the whole book but towards the end the author does play a little trick on you which at times feel like too tricky almost inception movie equivalent tricky

In a jist the book wraps up everything but in the process has gone on to be a really lengthy process. In my opinion certain chapters were just dragging on with nothing much happening that could add to the developments of the story in general but on the other hand, it is making you spend more time with all those numerous characters and making it easier for you to know who is who. Beauty of the writing is that in spite of having a lot of what I would call filler chapters, the book has a steady pace to it.