Protector (Flawed, #3) by Becca J. Campbell


Book: Protector (Flawed, #3)

Author: Becca J. Campbell

Plot: Deadlier than ever, Ethan and Nicodemus close in on the woman who fled Ethan’s clutches ten years ago. With the aid of their extraordinary abilities, Ethan will finally capture the one that got away. And with Nicodemus’s help, he will destroy everyone who gets in their path.All Logan wants is to keep Jade as far as possible from the two killers and to keep his mind clear. But when Jade discovers who the next target is, she will do anything to warn this next victim, even risking her own life. (official synopsis)

Ratings: 5/5


So good of an antagonist that the real Protagonist fades in Comparison

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book

This is my fourth book from Becca J. Campbell and also my fourth book in the flawed series and ever since I have started reading the series, I have never stopped being in awe of the character, Ethan. In all my reviews I have been repeating over and over again that I love the character of Ethan. No matter whose story it is, Ethan’s portions in the books are one of the most alluring and impactful parts of the book and the funny part is that he is not the protagonist but in fact he is the one who you are supposed to hate and fear in the book (oh boy!! have I finally gone to the dark side?)

The book, Protector runs with three parallel story lines which converge towards the end, without colliding or blurring at the edges. There are several characters and plots that branches out from the main story and the interesting thing about this is that all these characters and parallel events seems to be there for a purpose and adds further strength and character to the book

Either I am too obsessed with the portions of Ethan or in real, the original central character of the book, Logan faded away in the book and his story ran a little lackluster and slow for being a core element of the book. Throughout the series, the author had divided each chapter devoting a portion to the protagonist and the later to the antagonist which in my opinion is a very creative way.

Cheat sheets are sprinkled in a strictly need to know basis so that you can brush up your memories about the events in the previous books but honestly if you require anything more than what has been already given in the book as cheat sheets to the previous books, it means that you are not a true fan or follower of the series but to be frank why would you ever read a third book in the series without going through the firsttwo

Also I can advice that you go through the novella constricted which is based on Logan and that would give you a more clear picture of the character and further enhance the character association for you in this one.

One of the best antagonists I have ever seen has to be Ethan. ok fine. There would be even more fantastic ones out there but for the time being I am going to stick with Ethan. So anyways coming back to Ethan, he is only available in this series and that makes it one of the reasons why you should pick it up. Another reason being that this time around there is a nice turn of events for the lovers of this series and as akin to her previous books, Becca has done magic again with her language and narration. It is light yet strong and smoothly weaved.