Book Review: Claire and Duke: Beats by Dre (What Would You Do? Book 1) by Jo’rell Whitfield, Kevin D’Onofrio, Becca Riehl, Roger Market, Lee Savage


Book: Claire and Duke: Beats by Dre (What Would You Do? Book 1)

Authors: Jo’rell Whitfield, Kevin D’Onofrio, Becca Riehl, Roger Market, Lee Savage

Plot: Meet Duke Fontaine – a too cool for school New York City photographer with a carefully crafted façade. Duke knows everything and anything about the people of Gotham – until he meets Claire, a beautiful and mysterious woman who completely shatters his perfect illusion. What follows is an adventure in New York that leaves both changed for life.(Official synopsis)

Ratings: 3.5/5


In your hands

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book and trusting my reviews

I loved the interactive approach of the book and hence the reason why I said in your hands in the title as it is in the hands of the readers to actually move forward the story. It is based upon the decision of the readers and hence it becomes much more than just reading a thriller but it gives a lot of scope for the readers to be a part of the plot. I did love this new and intriguing approach but then there are also some problems to the book.

The major concern perhaps is the fact that since the book is an attempt by multiple authors, a few times this does comes out pretty stark and obvious as the color of our main characters change in the hands of these multiple authors.

The very first chapter which also forms the base of the entire book is clearly written by an author who loves his description as this author sort of halts everything in the middle of an ongoing narration to describe the location, clothes, decor and everything else. This creates a breakage to the general narration but other than that the author do opens up and sets the mood for the entire book quite nicely

Whenever I chose a path for the story and reach the next point, the character seemed to be a little different and the whole nature too seems a little changed. The basic plot and the way the book proceeds kind of seems a little tough to digest in retrospective to how it all began with all the twists it keeps running into but then it is up to the readers too…. I guess

Overall the book is a fun game but yes a little bit of smoothening is required as each section sounds a bit different and kind of far from the beginning of the book but then it is not so different that you wonder what happened to the original. It sounds a bit different but only in details otherwise it is fantastic, interesting and completely fun. More like getting an opportunity to be a field player for the plot.