Book Review: The Mobile Phone by Pankaj Suneja


Book: The Mobile Phone

Author: Pankaj Suneja

Plot: The Mobile Phone is a story of connecting with child within. The story is set in Delhi and deals with the lives of Rohit, a tutor, and Prabhu, a child he teaches in the city. The author uses “the paper mobile phone” as a symbol to connect with someone who is absent. Someone we seek or someone who could hold us in our helplessness. The novel makes an attempt to understand death and deal with mourning. It looks at child’s play and fantasy life. It also looks at adults who are evolving in relationship.(official synopsis)

Rating: 3/5


Impactful Story but a hasty treatment

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book and trusting my words and nothing can actually convey my gratitude for surprising me with a physical copy of the book

There is no doubt to the fact that the core plot of the book can move your hearts. The physiological and the emotional aspects of the characters and the story have been truly taken care of in the book which is really impressive

The book opens amazingly and you slowly slip into the narration but after a point it starts wavering and there comes a stage when the line between flashback narration and the ongoing scene is so blurred that you have no idea which is happening currently and which is being referred in regards to the past and that is the major thing that concerned me in the book.

From the middle, since this line between past and present events starts blurring you kind of fail to keep up with the pulse of the things happening in the book. Another thing that kind of was unimpressive was the end as I felt it all ended too soon without enough explanation or smoothing

Characters are really strong in the book and the story only wobbles because of many directions executed in the narration but the core theme is really appreciable and like his previous books his stories focus more on the emotional strength and weakness of the characters