Book Review: All-Father by Koos Verkaik


Book: All-Father

Author: Koos Verkaik

Plot: Peter Jonker has special gifts at his disposal. As a provoked, frightened child, he has come under the spell of master painter Poolman and his evocative, terrifying canvases. Poolman has spun gory tales about Wodan, god of the Germanic tribes, and the fearless Scandinavian berserkers. And now it seems Peter has seen the magic truth behind those sagas. In his agony he discovers unknown talents, and soon it is said he has the possession of immortal powers! Haunted by the fantasies of his youth, the adult Peter is going downhill, and in his vulnerable state strangers intervene trying to reach their own dubious goals by taking advantage of him. Wodan is looking for him and wants him to join the Army of the Dead – Berserkers who carry death and destruction… Peter’s life becomes a choking nightmare. (Official synopsis)

Rating: 4/5


Master story teller

First of all a huge thanks to the author for giving me a copy of his book and trusting my blabbers

I have read quite a few of his books that I know what a master story teller he is and there is no doubt that all of his books are completely in a different league, It’s a challenge with his books to predict how it is all going to end because no matter what arc you feel the story is travelling in, the author manages to demolish all your predictions

Characters are very real life and stark. Each one in the book had been so complexly constructed that you can’t judge who is right and who is wrong to a certain point. Each of them comes as grey as they can.

Story is amazingly multi layered and the flow is good too but there are certain points that I feel should be mentioned here. One has to have patience as in the initial run everything is served in pieces and this I know from experience that you have to sit intact to see how all these pieces gets glued together in the later stage of the book and that is the part fun in reading the author’ s book.

There are though times when the author breaks the flow of the book so that he can define our central character from the perspective of somebody else, and this since comes almost in between of an ongoing scene or narration, gives the feel of chapter being choppy and then there are couple of other instances and flashbacks that author incorporates into the story which seems unhinged to what at current is being said but fortunately, this happens only at few places but otherwise the book flows quite nicely and mysteriously

You have to calm yourself and sit down to experience an Koos Verkaik book because his books are not an easy read ones, His narration, characters and story in general is very complex and requires a good deal of your mind and time to see its beauty. I love how unpredictable his stories are and the way he spreads around pieces of the story in the beginning and gradually brings everything to paint the bigger picture making it the best thing about the author’s book