Book Review: The Ruby Iyer Diaries ( Ruby Iyer Series, #0.5) Companion novelette to The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer by Laxmi Hariharan


Book: The Ruby Iyer Diaries ( Ruby Iyer Series, #0.5) Companion novelette to The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer

Author: Laxmi Hariharan

Plot: This novelette is a companion book to The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer. A peek into the soul of an angry, young girl, who will come of age in a city on the verge of total annihilation. Ruby kept a diary from the age of ten till she ran away from home at sixteen. It is from here that I picked out a few diary entries for The Ruby Iyer Diaries. This short series of vignettes from Ruby’s life, tells you more a little more about the origins of Ruby Iyer. (official synopsis)

Ratings: 3.5/5


Chocolates for anyone who can make me understand the purpose of this novella

First of all a huge thanks to the author and her team for providing me with a copy of the book

I really want to see a link or reason behind the novella because I am clearly failing at it. If one argues that this novella was written with the purpose of carrying a glimpse of Ruby Iyer’s life or background  then I am afraid it didn’t show anything except some random episodes and which too didn’t make any sense in retrospect to the main novel, The many lives of Ruby Iyer.

The characters were new and nothing was sticking long enough to make sense. The novella didn’t have anything substantial to provide as Ruby Iyer still remains as vague as what we saw her in the main book and this novella hardly brings anything new to the table except for a brief picture of her father here and there.

Another argument can be that the book was meant to show the relationship between the mother and daughter which is again invalid since you already know what exactly how their relationship was like from the first book. Even the incidents the author tried to bring up new in the book went missing because of lack of information and work towards it

The basic trouble is that the author did everything in haste and in deadly short form in the novella that nothing made sense other than what we got from the main book. This novella was as vague as they can come and completely remained purpose less for me.

I learnt nothing. I understood  nothing