Book Review : Lovely Vicious (Lovely Vicious #1) by Sara Wolf


Book: Lovely Vicious (Lovely Vicious #1)

Author: Sara Wolf

Plot: For 17-year-old Isis Blake, the list has one goal: to ensure she never falls in love again. Ever. As Isis and her mom settle into their new home in Buttcrack-of-Nowhere, Ohio, Isis is rockin’ the purple hair and a beat up old car…and hoping like hell that no one learns that a) she used to be fat; and b) she used to have a heart.Naturally, Isis opts for social suicide instead…by punching the cold and untouchably handsome “Ice Prince”-a.k.a. Jack Hunter-right in his smug face.Now the school hallways are an epic battleground as Isis and the Ice Prince engage in a vicious game of social warfare.But sometimes to know your enemy is to love him..(official synopsis)

Rating: 4.5/5


Lovely and Vicious

The central character ISIS BLAKE was in all sense lovely and vicious. I couldn’t get enough of her snarky and sharp tongue. The girl had me hooked from the moment she entered the scene and the whole book is actually a true homage to this character ISIS BLAKE

From the onset she is sharper, wittier and sarcastic as they come. But I think somewhere around this is also a problematic area in the book as in trying to keep her character strong and impressive, the author did kind of get her hold loose on the ongoing story and right about around in the middle all you get is incoherent mumblings of the character but luckily she comes back into conscious soon and everything gets on track pretty soon

You could say that it is both the advantageous and disadvantageous part of the book that anything and everything about the book is ISIS BLAKE.. love her or hate her but you simply can’t ignore her

Story is very predictable in fact so predictable that frequent young adult book swallowers like me can see from a mile where the book is heading. The detailing might be different but everything else is pretty much heard and seen before.

But that is where you have to give the credits to the author because in spite of being cliché you simply can’t put this book down because the book is that addictive no scratch that ISIS BLAKE is that addictive. That girl refuses to let you go and in fact I am desperately dying to hear her voice again

The story as I said before is what you usually read in every other young adult, nothing new there. But what makes the whole difference is the character. The central character makes all the difference in the book.  Its humor, wits, emotions all rolled into one but still narrated and conveyed in an easy go manner that you can’t stop from laughing and having fun with the book.


catch some of amazing snarky comments from our beloved ISIS BLAKE that made me worship her

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