Book Review: She: Ekla Cholo Re by Santosh Avvannavar, Shayan Haq


Book: She: Ekla Cholo Re

Authors: Santosh Avvannavar, Shayan Haq

Plot: Set in the backdrop of 1990 Calcutta, She is a story about finding one’s own identity in spite of all odds. The story spins around the life of Kusum, a brave heart whose identity is often untitled and blurred; it does not belong anywhere, definitely not under the ‘he’ or ‘she’ bracket, thanks to our social conditioning. Will she be successful in her mission? Find out in She, an utterly absorbing read that derives inspiration from Tagore’s “Ekla Cholo Re” song, which urges everyone to move on despite the fear of abandonment from others.

Ratings: 4.5//5



A huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book

I think I will vote for this book, if I have to pick out a good work from all the works that I have so far read from the author. There are two reasons for it. One an actual construction of plot rather than a quick brush up on a given topic and another being the flow and narration

I love how the author have picked up a theme and have worked towards it with the support of a good story. Usually what I have noticed in author’s work is an imperfect ending and a chaotic execution and that is why I loved the patience and level of treatment that the author had used for this book

No doubt they had a powerful message to deliver but I guess the message is a little muffled but the story on the other hand was quite impactful. When I say a muffled message, what I mean is that the book does not exactly brings out a solution or question about the topic at hand, if that was the aim, but if you take the book as a simple story to narrate or bring you eyes to a certain life then yes it has accomplished that as the author bravely and vividly portrays the picture of a person caught up in a dilemma which forms the theme of the book. So yes in that regard there is a good message.

Above everything it’s the treatment that deserves the appreciation because I can honestly say that I was completely engrossed in the story as it was quick and really focused on narrating the story rather than setting the scene or irrelevant character structure  as when the story unfolds you get every details as crisp and clear as they could get

There are two things that bothered me. One . the very first opening remains as a standalone because I couldn’t clue it to the rest of the story just felt a tiny part forcefully inserted in the beginning but this is just a couple of paragraphs and once the story catches the momentum, there is no stopping the book. Two. I personally did not like the full English translated version of the Tagore’s poem that becomes the core theme of the book. I wish it would have been a little more easy to comprehend as it fails to invoke the true spirit of the actual Poem but then these are very minute things and mostly just my nagging

As I keep saying about the author’s book, it is a quick read and hardly demanding any time of yours but this time around the book comes with a good story that will for sure keep you glued till the end


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