Book Review : The shiver man by Ricardo M Fleshman


Book: The shiver man

Author: Ricardo M Fleshman

Plot: In a gripping tale of obsession and betrayal The Shiver Men delivers Detective Moses Byone at his finest. Forced out of the country on a personal mission, Moses must confront his own demons in one of his greatest cases to date. Set against the exotic paradise on the island of Trinidad with Armond Fontenot and the mysterious and alluring Lorena Hemingway, it is more than death that threatens the detective, he must also confront his own haunted past. Intriguing to the last, Detective Byone mounts a masterful return!

Ratings: 5/5

A new Byone to revoke the spirits

Huge thanks to the author for the book

Did I mention how awestruck I am with the author’s book?

Yes I am in completely awe of the author’s Detective Byone series.  For one his stories have a very different theme and treatment from what you usually get to see in other detective or crime fictions. His books are never procedural or investigative but are much more than that.  The other thing about the series is the pace. Its super quick and easy

The previous three books had a pace to it that was like an express train but just when you think that it would have been bad, you realize how that pace in turn helps you enjoy the series effectively. The author doesn’t halt his book with unnecessary scene settings or detailed caricatures of characters but in turn keep it very realistic and to brief and relevant points that you are not swamped with too much information that you lose focus on the important details

Come to the fourth book and you are expected to have a background knowledge of what had been happening in the series which is quite understandable right? I mean why would you go straight for the fourth book if you haven’t even read the first book

Compared to the previous three books, I think this one is a much advanced writing on the author’s part. There is a serenity and refinement to the general narration and pace that I guess comes from having come so far in the series. I am truly in awe of the book because I believe it is the best Byone book.

The story has crossed oceans and is on a completely different level. In fact our Detective itself seem to be grown up and a lot changed and stronger than the previous books and it does wonders to the book

The language is so different and refined and has flawlessness to it same goes for the narration and the flow of the book. As always I am in love with the pace of the book and the way it does not hover over details. The fourth book is truly groundbreaking with lots of new events and secrets underway. This is a series truly worth investing time.



Author interview- Ricardo M Fleshman