Book Review: Saladin The Wonder Horse by Koos Verkaik


Book: Saladin The Wonder Horse

Author: Koos Verkaik

Plot: Angie is a young orphan girl who lives in the stables, looking after the horses of Lord Patrick Baltimore. When Prince John’s army is about to seize all of the Baltimore horses as a tribute, Angie runs away with one very special colt named Silver. Soon she and Silver are befriended by a splendid black stallion named Saladin. No one knows his story, but all who meet him, agree he is a wonder horse. As Angie sets out to find Robin Hood, Saladin and Silver save her from the evil of Prince John and his men, time after time. The unlikely trio, inspire the Saxons to have faith and courage as they struggle to survive until the return of the rightful ruler, Richard the Lionhearted

Rating: 5/5


Complex and simple at the same time

Huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book

There is no doubt that this is definitely going to be my favorite series from all of the author’s writing. Yes I loved the other series but this one truly stands apart for me because of the story and the characters. The author may have used simple language and an even gentler narration, but the story is in no way gentle or simple as it is at the end of the book that you realize how heavy and complex the entire story was

I think there is that added X factor in this series because it truly shines for me with its set of varied and rich characters and a uniqueness to the story that is usually scene in long and well constructed adult fiction. The story of the book can actually rival any good adult fiction any day because it is that well constructed even if it was meant for an audience much younger than adult fictions

The language is a dual sword blade as while it is really buttery in its narration and running, the things it is saying and showing are much complex and richer and that is what truly kept me glued to the series wanting to find how the author manages to make an children’s book so apt and refined for a wider audience

The book has a very rich and beautifully crafted story that amazingly sits well for the audience of any age. You have to give credit to the author for being so creative with his children’s books that anybody would find themselves enjoying it