Book Review : Paradise Lost & Regained by Ratnadip Acharya

Paradise lost & regained

Book: Paradise Lost & Regained

Author: Ratnadip Acharya

Plot: Delve into the miracles of life through the eyes of a little fawn who is struggling to live in a world that is fast changing. Left alone to tackle the inhumanity that surrounds our earth, A little fawn soon learns to pick the pace. A satirical approach to modern day with the help of a non-human character is what “Paradise Lost & regained” is all about

Ratings: 4/5


Gentle and a lot profound

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book to read and i am truly touched by the efforts he had taken to provide a signed copy of the book which no doubt will go on to become one of my cherished possessions

Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained is a first of its kind for me essentially because the book is not your usual human fiction but a story about a deer. So this book is my first experience with a non human character.

The author for me is the Indian answer to Paulo Coelho, for the ways he touches and throws a lot of light on the facts and truths of life. So yes be prepared as there is a lot of in depth views on our daily lives. The author for sure makes you think about a lot of things and I love how he, in simpler ways talks about a lot of relevant things and even showing you things in a different angle

While I am truly impressed by the overall theme and concept of the book, there are two things that bothered me in the book

The book as I mentioned is conveying a lot of facts about life but sometime the medium used for this seems to be failing at being apt for this. The book has a deer as its central character and the author uses the life and journey of a young fawn growing into its adulthood to tell all his thoughts and ideologies but sometimes hearing or listening to a fawn or a deer thinking such profound thoughts and having epiphanies parallel to human caliber or even much more than that, gets slightly indigestible. In short it gets sometimes hard to believe that it is a deer that is saying all these highly intellectual and spiritual thoughts. Then there is another point. In between the inner thoughts and ideologies, narration takes a little longer to come to conclusion and the pace does get a little slow in the middle of the book

For me personally, the book was a huge surprise as in spite of being philosophical, spiritual in nature, the book has a good moving story to it and doesn’t just comes down to conveying the author’s personal beliefs. The language quality and narration is nice and for the readers of likes of Coelho genres, this will be a great refreshing read