Book Review: Beloved Sacrifice by Lorraine Carey

Beloved-Sacrifice-by-Lorraine-CareyBook: Beloved Sacrifice

Author: Lorraine Carey

Plot: Faith Bennett is expecting her first child. What she wasn’t expecting was to travel to a medieval village in Italy to perform a sacred ritual to save her unborn child from an old family curse. A dark family secret is about to unleash itself. An old gypsy curse that was made long ago is about to rear its ugly head when Faith, a descendant from the D’Amici family, learns she is due to give birth to the seventh daughter in the family. The seventh child is said to be born with a heightened sixth sense and be regarded as the ‘enlightened’ one

Ratings: 4/5


simple and short but maybe a little too simple

First of all a huge thanks to the team at Abrotok for providing me the copy of the book

The book Beloved Sacrifice no doubt has a very interesting plot and it was exciting to see the backdrop of beautiful Italian valleys in the story. The opening or the prologue was fantastic and i think the later chapters could not match up to that elegance created in the opening

To be honest there is nothing wrong in the book per se, in fact it has got a beautiful background story a good amount of strong characters but for me personally the problem was the hasty treatment and a little too simple narration.

As you keep continuing with the book you realize that the language is very simple in fact too simple that you see being used in kids book but honestly i don’t know whether this is a bad thing or good thing but for me it lacked that oomph or spark that should be there in an adult literary work but then i would not hold this little tiny factor against the book

but what i can definitely hold against it is the hasty treatment. After a certain middle point in the book, things are just rolling pretty quickly and too conveniently. Everything so conveniently starts falling into places  and come to the end and before you even had the opportunity to blink, everything is wrapped up so quickly. It seems to finish the book quickly, everything was taken and knotted into one giant end. i personally believe that there was still so much to the plot that could have been developed.

Lots of things get passed in blur because the chapters are practically sprinting fast through events. There is no time to learn and nurture the characters in your head because by the time you manage to do so, the book is already on its way to its end

But apart from all these i would still say it is a good book just a very simple and quick one at that