Book Review: Alex and The Wolpertinger- The Land of Fringe by Koos Verkaik

Alex and the Wolpertinger, The Land of Fringe, cover.

Book: Alex and The Wolpertinger- The Land of Fringe

Author: Koos Verkaik

Plot: Alex goes on a journey with the Royal Clover Family.In the Land of Fringe they will witness the coronation of Francis Fray the First.How are the clumsy Cloverland giants supposed to behave in that big country, where everything is done so proper and according to the rules?That won’t be easy…And… what kind of present should they give to the new king?Well… Ludo the wolpertinger is caught in a cage! Maybe Francis Fray would like to own a wolpertinger…In this thrilling story we will find out how strong the friendship between Alex and the wolpertinger is!

Rating: 5/5


A good way to go back to childhood

Huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book

I think I have been pretty vocal about the fact as to how much I love the whole series. Though the book is meant for kids there is nothing that is stopping an adult to enjoy this book with same zest and joy as a kid because the book has been written that effectively that it makes a joyous read for both the kids and adults.

The series has picked up pretty elegantly from the last book and the best thing about it is the fact that the author has made sure to leave enough clues and pointers to the previous books and its events that even if you missed out crucial details or have forgotten it, you won’t find it hampering your read of this book as these little breadcrumbs that the author has left helps you get back to the story with ease and enjoy this latest offering of the series

The story is amazingly smooth and yet developed that you enjoy the journey of the book and the language helps you to have absolute comfort in your journey too. I love how there is a refinement and elegance to the language even  though it is meant for children as the author has made sure to not sound it too childish that the adults would find it quite off yet simplicity makes it easier for younger audience as well. So that is a magic trick that I am not sure how the author manages to pull off such triumphantly and that too book after book

The fourth book in the series seems seamlessly part of the series and makes you feel that the story never stopped in the last book but is only starting and is continuing to evoke magic just as the previous ones. The story is really advancing with each book and making an exciting read for any age group.