Book Review: A Matter of Trust by Deb Stover


Book: A Matter of Trust

Author: Deb Stover

Plot: Returning to her tiny hometown of Digby, Colorado to begin her medical career, young Dr. Taylor Bowen is shocked to discover the half-naked, gorgeous body of her first patient belongs to a man she hoped never to see again.Gordon Lane had been her true love, her only love, until he betrayed her in the worst possible way. But as Taylor and Gordon find themselves together again, stirring up memories, can they find the courage to reclaim an old love — and open their hearts to timeless passion

Rating: 3.5/5


How about the story?

Huge thanks to Abrotok for giving me the book

There is nothing wrong with the book per say. Everything required for the book is in equal measure. A story followed by strong set of characters and added flavors of narration and language. Every one of these ingredients is evident throughout the book but even so there is something which is not making the book the best read

The book has a story but in my opinion takes a lot of time to get developed and even so is done over the period of its final wrapping up, towards the very ending and in this abrupt treatment kind of kills the joy and curiosity of the plot

The book opens a little lukewarm which goes on to a level of stagnancy that is maintained throughout. The pace doesn’t waver from the path and just follows lazily on the same old track until suddenly it realizes that it has used up more than half of the book space and it is time to suddenly tie everything up and so it does over the last few chapters

The basic flaw I found is that the author had spent a lot of time trying to sketch the central characters, their relationship and past with each other and above all trying to work on the sexual tension between both our central characters that the basic plot or other aspects tend to go unnoticed and untreated.

The book basically revolves around just the two characters, their inner conflicts and monologues that you are unable to see anything above or beyond these two which should have been great had there been a strong backing of the story as well

For romance fan, yes this will be a fine read but only a fine read. There was a story in there somewhere which was molested badly by the central characters by revolving around each other’s sexual and all other tensions that at the end you only take away the names of the two central characters and nothing much. Not the real reason or base of the story, or the origin of the characters or anything in between that should matter but then again every individual’s requirements from each book varies do I guess in that way I would say it is a fair enough book.