Book Review: A Murder of Magpies by Judith Flanders


Book: A Murder of Magpies

Author: Judith Flanders

Plot: It’s just another day at the office for London book editor Samantha “Sam” Clair. Checking jacket copy for howlers, wondering how to break it to her star novelist that her latest effort is utterly unpublishable, lunch scheduled with gossipy author Kit Lowell, whose new book will dish the juicy dirt on a recent fashion industry scandal. Little does she know the trouble Kit’s book will cause-before it even goes to print. When police Inspector Field turns up at the venerable offices of Timmins & Ross, asking questions about a package addressed to Sam, she knows something is wrong. Now Sam’s nine-to-five life is turned upside down as she finds herself propelled into a criminal investigation. Someone doesn’t want Kit’s manuscript published and unless Sam can put the pieces together in time, they’ll do anything to stop it. (official synopsis)

Ratings: 3.5/5

Talkative Magpie 

I will admit that the book had some killer funny bone but then towards the end that very bone was killing me and not at all in a fun way.

The central character was a pleasure to be around as her wit and sharp tongue would make you rolling on the floors but after sometime you feel like stuffing her mouth and yelling “SHUT UP” because she is making your ears bleed with constant chatter. Its like she has to have a say in everything. Even in life or death situations, she can’t stop putting out sarcastic taunts and weapons and thereupon muffling the intensity of the situations

I think with a murder mystery set against a publishing house background, the book definitely stands apart and is even impressive with a very strong and sharp character but then in the treatment of the book, somewhere around shaping the character became the priority rather than the story and the plot itself which is what actually brought the downfall for the book in my eyes

Language as I mentioned is sharp, witty and humorous but after a while it is just plain chitter chatter than an actual story. I never got the wind of the activities that was happening in the book being caught up in all the things the central character had to say. Even for a plot I felt it had so much layers to it and since no proper mention or treatment was done to it, the intricacies and nuisances of what happened went amiss with me.The character was perfect but the setting was not in my opinion.

But in spite of all that it is pure chick lit fun nothing too serious or brainiac or atleast not portrays itself to be one

The book can be picked up by whodunnit fans but only those who does not like too much complicated stuffs in their story. Everything in this book is about its central character and her sharp tongue, the plot kind of takes a backseat failing at the sharp end of central character’s tongue and sarcasms but otherwise the book is a good fun read.