Book Review: Umbilical Cord by Meena R. Chandawarkar, Santosh Avvannavar

81oxWe6fBTL._SL1500_Book : Umbilical Cord

Authors: Meena R. Chandawarkar, Santosh Avvannavar

Plot: “Here comes a compilation of 40 short stories by Meena R Chandawarkar and Santosh Avvannavar that uses The Umbilical Cord as a metaphor to bring social awareness and intends to draw the reader’s attention towards the society. The stories in this book revolve around love, forgiveness, empathy etc. as society is a cobweb of relationships. There is something for everyone in this book. Read on to find out which ‘cord’ is closer to your heart, as the Umbilical Cord is an attachment that remains forever…the name says it all…” (official synopsis)

Ratings: 3.5/5


Amalgamation of the best and not so best short stories

First of all a huge thanks to the author for referring the book and showing a trust in my reviews

The book is a good amalgamation of some of the best and not so best short stories. While I appreciate each stories, the fact is also true about the fact that I did find it hard to find the common denominator in each of these stories as though the opening of the book refers to various umbilical cords that we human still attach ourselves to, I couldn’t exactly match each chapter with this basic theme. To justify the book I think it is better to discuss the book chapter wise

Chapter 1: Forgiveness – It’s never too late to ask for it! ‘Forgive to forget, do not forget to forgive’

Now this definitely was a good opening for the book. this story definitely did convey a lot in few words

Chapter 2: Love has no boundaries ‘Love is perhaps the only emotions that is boundless’

It started out nice and till a point had strong sparks and though the ending was a bit lukewarm, I still feel it was one of the good ones in the book

Chapter 3: Judgment Day: Be Resilient ‘Each one of us have to face the judgment day atleast once in life’

This started out good but midway lost the focus and purpose of the story. Yes it has some message but I don’t believe was well conveyed

Chapter 4: KANK – One movie that changed my Life ‘Sometimes even the most neglected things can impact decisions’

This is one of those stories in the book which I felt had everything. A message with a plot but somehow the impact was not strong enough

Chapter 5: Perception vs. Prescription ‘If you want to win a heart of a person, first win the perception’

This can be perhaps taken as a light brush on a very important fact of life . It was short, light nothing too extraordinary yet a humorous take. No major plot or substance but good nevertheless

Chapter 6: Unique Solution ‘Every problem has a goal’

As the title goes, yes definitely a unique and good story. Pretty interesting too

Chapter 9: There is always a next time! ‘A Performer always have opportunities’

Chapter 32: Miraculous Ribbon ‘Small gestures can make someone’s day’

Chapter 37: Jackfruit Seed ‘Contentment is the solution to overcome problems’

Chapter 39: The Knot That Makes a Difference ‘A visible knot is an invisible line of morality’

To me personally, this story kind of failed to convey its message properly as I believe some more information or details should have been there to make the story a somewhat complete one

Chapter 8:  Are we Computers? ‘People often try to distinguish personal and professional life, but they end up failing’

The thoughts and points raised were valid enough but in a set of short stories it merely stood out as an odd one out as being a miniscule portion of what probably was an essay on the same topic

Chapter 9: Honesty Still Prevails ‘Trusting is the beginning to build honesty’

Though it had a good message, I think due to a very drastic short treatment to the story, it does not come out with full force

Chapter 10 : In Between Us! ‘We often fail to see that there is an invisible wall in a relationship’

Chapter 24: Fire ‘Fire knows only to cause destruction’

Chapter 29: Blessing in Disguise ‘Prayers are answered in a way that we often fail to understand’

Chapter 30: How blessed I am! ‘The day is not far when animals would pity man’

Chapter 33: The Turning Poin ‘Crisis is the best moment that brings us closer to reality’

Chapter 36: Love & Fantasy ‘Love can lead to beginning; fantasy can lead to end’

This is perhaps one of those stories that irked me the most. Its starts in a completely opposite direction and then moves into another zone but even then when you are getting used to this change and move on to expect something nice out of it, the ending seems like a slap on your face.

Chapter 11: Poor P-Officer ‘We define our success rate by keeping a gun on others shoulders’

Chapter 12: Facelift ‘Equality is ambiguous; a notion that is most confused and debated upon among the generations’

Chapter 13: Short cut Methods to Success ‘Success is golden spoon that glitters’

Chapter 18: First Success Mantra was the Last ‘There is only one best thing, remaining are just little less than that’

Chapter 20: The Rituals of Existence ‘Ego is the difference between two diverse expectations’

Chapter 31: Selfless Love ‘Love doesn’t have age and time’

Chapter 34: A United Nation ‘Unity that need to recalled each moment’

Chapter 38: Social Activists – Then & Now ‘Words are powerful to make a difference’

Chapter 40: Thief? Who?! ‘Right is wrong, wrong is right’

It just seemed a random thought and even baseless at that because I failed to see the message without a proper setting, meaning, point of the whole thought and conclusion

Chapter 14: Temple in Heart ‘We often fail to see heart as a temple because it has only emotion’

Chapter 18: Jelabi versus Peda ‘Rules are set from the beginning of birth’

Chapter 22: That Date! ‘Each one of us has a memorable day’

Chapter 23: Hope is Hopeful and Wonderful ‘Hope is a self-motivation dose that one need to take each day’

Chapter 26: Differently Able ‘God created only two gender ‘man’ and ‘woman’, but man created several others’

Chapter 35: Miracles do happen! ‘Generations to come will not understand the value of letters’

It could have been an amazing story but the ending was just abrupt, pointless  and left without proper explanation

Chapter 16: Milk is Sweeter than Honey ‘Sometimes affordable things become expensive’

Chapter 21: Possession – That never belonged to anyone! ‘Man is aware of the fact that he can take nothing on leaving the earth; yet he makes a futile attempt to make wealth, some times in wrong way. Greed overpowers man.’

Chapter 28: Forgiving and Forgiveness ‘People depart but memories stay forever’

Undoubtedly one of the best stories in the book as it had a proper start, end and clear purpose for the story

Chapter 17: Booklorn ‘Some are lovelorn, others are booklorn’

Chapter 19: H Husband ‘Paradigm shift is the change of hour’

For a quiet laugh, the story is good but other than that it has nothing to offer

Chapter 25: 25th Year ‘People depart but memories stay forever’

This one stands apart for me because though it does not gel well with the basic theme and flow of the book, I thought it was really sweet and impressive

Chapter 27 : Picnic de Force ‘Emotion become emotionless when it comes to survival’

A really weird and kind of hard to digest story and made me question as to what exactly this story was doing in this book since it failed to make any sense for me.

As I said it is a short story collection that is filled good bad and the ugly. Being short I don’t think it should hurt anybody to buy or try it as it hardly demands any time of yours