Book Review: The Harshest Reality by Kevin D’onofrio

harshest reality

Book: The Harshest Reality

Author: Kevin D’onofrio

Plot: We are a generation obsessed with Reality TV which ironically has nothing to do with reality and nothing even remotely close to real life. When suddenly one by one all the reality tv stars are found murdered, suspicions arise but who is so vengeful that a bunch of good for nothing cocaine addict and foul mouthed reality stars suddenly find themselves at the end of murderer’s knife?

Ratings: 5/5


Smooth as a butter and sharp as a knife

A huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book.

Three books and I am already a huge fan of the author. How can somebody write one after another perfect thrillers? His first book, The Murderer’s smile was completely fascinating and filled with an unbelievable adrenaline rush which was only increased double fold in his next book, Take me out at the ballgame which was completely sensational and now this third book The Harshest Reality is another masterpiece that has made me completely speechless

As I say in the title, the book is smooth as butter but sharp as a knife. Smooth in its narration and flow. you never get to move out of your seat because its that engrossing. The fact that the author has kept his narration absolutely simple, plain and yet gripping is what makes this book completely irresistible. The book at the same time is sharper than a butcher’s knife because of the content and the extent its hidden layers target the readers

I feel the author is more like a wicked cat who keeps playing with the mouse and then in one shot goes for the kill. He did that in his previous two books and he is doing it again in this one. You think that you have got the pulse of the story and you are smart enough to pick the culprit but then come to the end and you realize that the author has been messing with your brain all along

The book is well put together and has everything that I wish for a good book. A perfectly shaped head, tail and middle to the whole plot. The logics and the reasoning and the modus operandi, everything is taken care of for the plot. In my personal opinion there are no visible loose ends and the book is absolutely a well knit thriller

If you love a good thriller then there is nothing that should stop you from picking this book. it has got everything that you would require from a good book. A strong and sharper plot that will haunt you and a soothing and calming narration in fact So calm that you won’t even realize that in his sweet and soothing voice, the author has just described how somebody got his throat cut, its that good and gripping. Yes its about murders but I don’t believe that the treatment was brutal. It has been treated in a very neutral and interesting way. In whole it is a well cooked dish. A perfect thriller