Asian Drama Review: My Beautiful Bride

Series: My Beautiful Bride

Language: Korean

Plot : “My soon-to-be bride all of sudden disappeared. And I turned into a monster to find her”. The drama depicts the heartbreaking, pure hearted love by a man, who drives himself to the extreme situation in order to find his only love, his bride.

Ratings: 5/5


Absolutely fantastic

It had been a really long since I had watched a good show that would haunt me even after days of watching and “my beautiful Bride” has brought back that feeling in full flow. This has to be my all time favourite. There is nothing in this series that I didn’t like. Everything from the cast, story, screenplay to even the music, everything was absolutely fantastic


If you really want to watch a meaningful Korean show without all those typical lost in love type romance shows, then this is for you but be warned it is bloody too. There is a whole lot of violence in it but for me that was the best part.


Ironically in spite of being an action thriller this has to be the best romantic story I have ever heard or watched. Its so moving that I was watching the entire series in blurred eyes. You may ask how violence and action can co exist so beautifully with romance then watch this show and you will learn. I am in awe of those who brought out such a beautiful story


Kim Moo Yul, our hero is brilliant as an emotional wreck, an ardent and devoted lover and my oh my !! what a fighter…Every action sequence is perfection in choreography. You literally feel his rage and force in all those brilliantly put together action stunts.


Lee Si-young one of the two leading heroin and who plays the role of cop is a well known boxer and perhaps why many wanted to see more action scenes from her. But hey !! the performance and her role is way too good to let such tiny things get into it


Ko Sung-Hee our main heroine is not only beautifully, but also exceptionally blends well in all those past and present scenes and you sort of relate to the timeline difference.


Each cast is like tailor made and the overall impact of the series is so fantastic

One of the most haunting aftereffects of the series was the music. They had used three international songs as a theme of the entire series and never have I seen an OST supporting a series so powerfully

  1. Days and Moons by Elsa Kopf
  2. Stay by Steelheart
  3. Eclipse by Patrick Joseph

아름다운_나의_신부_OST Patrick-Joseph-My-Beautiful-Bride-OST-Part-3

These tracks makes a well placed entrance in the entire 16 episode series and manages to stays with you.. haunting you

My Beautiful Bride is the best Korean drama can offer me. I loved everything about it and has become an absolute favorite. Its addictive and haunting all in one