Book review : The Lost Soul (Enchena #1) by K.S. Marsden

26036869Book: The Lost Soul (Enchena #1)

Author: K.S. Marsden

Plot: Enchena’s history is written by the victorious. Through war and betrayal, King Hrafn’s reign has spread across the land. The rebellion is stirring again…In a world where the evil nature of humans has infected the very forests and animals surrounding them, they are crying out for a new hope; a new hero.Natural enemies must come together, to overcome the curse.Two innocent people must be brought from another world. One will bring the rebellion the way to succeed; the other will be their destruction. (official synopsis)

Rating: 4/5


Oh look!! Unicorns

A Huge thanks to the author for providing me a copy of the book to read and review

There is no doubt about author’s skill as a story teller. Don’t believe me? Read her Witch hunter series to know how good she is.  They had to call an ambulance to get me conscious because I had passed out of excitement over reading her book and holding my breath till the end of that series. So such a fan when given a chance to read her new work would automatically be on it without a second thought and so started my endless nights of reading “The lost Soul” the new series by the author and boy oh boy !! … It sure was endless

Maybe it is not a genre for me or maybe it is too heavy for my brain to handle but whatever maybe the reason, the outcome was not as impressive as I expected or could be also because I was comparing “The Lost souls” to author’s previous books and these two are completely of different genres

The book opens impressively. Then the events start taking place relatively fast. Just when I was about to complain that things are happening way too fast in the book,  it almost halts and then to my amazement from thereon it was kind of a slow journey. The pace was monotonously steady and for me that was the only and probably the most crucial point. The book seemed to be really lengthy

But to be fair I think maybe it could be me who has yet to be brushed well with this genre. Except for the length and the pace of the book I loved the array of characters and the whole herd of unicorns…. (ooo…mom ..look unicorns….. so pretty !!! ). You have to admit that it is not an easy task to somewhat personify animal characters but the author has achieved it nicely. Also knowing very well that the author is going to eat me raw for showing guts to say such naïve things about her works, i want to say that I felt that the central character, Samantha, needed a little bit more development. As of now she is struggling in the background to get noticed among other strong and powerful characters

For fantasy addicts this has to be a pretty one with Unicorns, dragons and a whole lot of amazing characters but for me personally, I felt that the book took a halt in the middle. Either that or it missed that spunk or fire in the narration that would keep it more intriguing. Otherwise the book is perfect with a good strange new world for background, good characters and story to follow.