TV review : Faking It !!

TV Series: Faking It !!

Channel : MTV

Plot: The romantic comedy “Faking It” uses a liberal Texas community and a high-school-age cast to present a commentary on sexual orientation, tolerance and acceptance among young people today. Karma and Amy are inseparable friends who rely on their bond for comfort and support. In fact, they are so close that, after numerous failed attempts to click with the popular crowd, they are outed as lesbians. It’s a big mistake that needs to be corrected — unless it has advantages! For Karma and Amy, being thought of as lovers means instant celebrity among their peers, and there is no way the ruse can end now. “American Idol” fans may recognize Katie Stevens, who plays Karma. Stevens was a ninth-season finalist on the singing competition.

Rating: 4/5


Really needs time

It may not be the easiest content available on TV today and definitely not meant for everybody but somehow you cannot deny that it is sweet, innocent and fun in its own way. The entire show deals with love, coming out of closet and dealing with social notions but all done in a subtle and humorous manner

The show was launched on April 22, 2014 on Mtv and is an out and out teen show so comes with its set of uncomfortable talks, scenes and potty mouths and sarcasms but fortunately not enough to make you go into hiding


The show grew on me with its light hearted treatment in spite of having a very tough subject at hand. The actors are superb and seem to be tailor made for their roles. Each one of them kind of steals your heart.


Comic is one major factor that makes this series good. The chemistry between the actors being another. Both season 1 and season 2 had ended in a strong way. Although season 1 ended with a cliffhanger, the second season was still passably complete in its approach maybe because at the time of its ending, it was not sure of a return for the third season but the good news is that Faking it is returning on August 31, 2015